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Minto Township 1911 Census Index

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington North District Number: 133
Sub-district Name/Description: Minto
Sub-district Number: 24
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
11 pages
Index transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

McLellan, Alexander
McLellan, Mary
McLellan, Margaret Evaline
McLellan, Nelson Garfield
Darroch, Angus
Darroch, Mary Ann
Darroch, Mabel
Darroch, Annie
Darroch, Harddart?
Darroch, Elizabeth
Milford, Lorne
Darroch, John
Darroch, Christina
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Jane Matilda
Anderson, Etta
Anderson, Adeline
Anderson, Ann Jane
McEachren, Malcolm
McEachren, Florence
McEachren, Stewart Alexander
McEachren, Kenneth
McEachren, Norman Carr
McEachren, Alexander
McEachren, Ann
Martin, Malcolm
Ross, John
Ross, Bertha
Ross, Rodger James
Ross, Frederick
Ross, Christina Margaret
Ross, Roderick
Ross, Margaret Ann
McEachren, David
McEachren, Agnes Adelaide
McEachren, Malcolm
McEachren, Jane
Venton, Percy
McComb, Thomas
McComb, Elizabeth
McComb, Ada May
McComb, William Alexander
Larck?, James
Larck?, Mary
Larck?, Mary Ann
Larck?, John Henry
Ross, Alexander
Ross, Euphemia
Ross, Donald
Ross, James

Page 2 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

Ross, Peter
Ross, William Allen
Ross, Mary Ann
Ross, John A.
Ross, Frances Elizabeth
Ross, Jessie Margerett
Askett, Russell
Lewis, Alonzo
Lewis, Martha
Lewis, Alice
Lewis, Wilmer
Lewis, Lesley
Lewis, Jane
McDougall, Donald
McDougall, Elizabeth
McDougall, Donald S..?
McDougall, John Alexander
Fyfe, Peter Thomas
Fyfe, Annie Florence
Davidson, Helen
Davidson, Margaret
Davidson, Colin
Davidson, Mary
Davidson, Alexander
Munn, John
Johnston, John
Johnston, Catherine
McIntyre, Alex.
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Norman F.
McLeod, Hugh
McLeod, Neil Alexander
McLeod, Margaret Catherine
McLeod, Euphemia Elizabeth
Patterson, William
Patterson, Sarah Sofia
Patterson, Robert
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, Jannet
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, Hugh
Young, William
Williamson, Rodger
Williamson, Ida
Bower, Isabella
Bower, Margaret
Bower, William

Page 3 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

Williamson, Henry
Williamson, Mary
Williamson, Katie
Williamson, William
Williamson, Thomas Henry
Williamson, John
Williamson, George Donald
McIntyre, Duncan
McIntyre, Mary Catherine
McIntyre, Donald
McIntyre, Sarah
Howell, William
Howell, Christina
Morrison, John
Morrison, Hester
Morrison, Lenora
Neil, Samuel
Neil, Margaret
Neil, Pearl
Neil, Muriel
McTaggart, Neil
McTaggart, Sarah
McTaggart, Alice Elizabeth
McTaggart, Archibald
Hopkins, Henry
Hopkins, Ruth
Hopkins, Hilda
Holland, Cecil
Sinclair, Donald
Sinclair, Euphemia
Sinclair, Robert Wm.
Sinclair, Mary Ann
Sinclair, Donald
Currie, Duncan
Walker, Catherine A.
Walker, John Munn
Walker, Elizabeth Agness
Walker, Edith Jane
Walker, Alexander
Walker, Thomas David
Walker, Robert James
Walker, Robert
Sinclair, Peter
Sinclair, Eliza Jane
Sinclair, Mary Jane
Sinclair, Effie Elizabeth
Sinclair, Laura Ann
Sinclair, Georgina Alice
Sinclair, Ella Marguerite
Sinclair, Donald Jamison
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Page 4 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

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Sinclair, Mary [reversed]
Morrison, Jane [reversed]
Beamish, William [reversed]
Neil, Annie
Mary Elizabeth
Euphemia Jane
Williams, George
Williams, Emeline
Williams, Oliver
Williams, Eveline
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, Elizabeth Ellen
Campbell, Flora Jean
Campbell, Stewart Colin
Lawless, William
Lawless, Annie
Lawless, Elista May
Lawless, Stanley Michael
Lawless, Mary Florence
Lawless, Clara Maud
Lawless, Michael
Lawless, George
Reid, George Sr.
Reid, Mary Jane
Reid, George Jr.
Reid, Elizabeth
Reid, Emmerson Adam
Spahr?, Samuel
Spahr?, Emma
Spahr?, Frederick
Spahr?, Deltry?
Darroch, William
Darroch, Edith
Adams, Ezra [reversed]
Adams, Margaret Jane
Adams, Wellington
Williams, Dan
Williams, Sarah
Boyd, Charlotte D. [reversed]
Williams, Nathan
Williams, Agnes Lena
Williams, Lena Viola
Hill, John
Hill, Eliza
Hill, Mary Ann
Hill, Vernen
Hill, Floyd
Buttler/Butler, Alexander
Buttler/Butler, Euphemia

Page 5 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

Lundy, Hugh
Lundy, Mary Jane
Cartmill, Margaret [reversed]
Rickson, Margaret [reversed]
Cumming, John
Gunnerson, William
Gunnerson, Lottie May
Gunnerson, William Lorne
Gunnerson, Irene May
Gunnerson, Robert George
Martin, James
Martin, Jane
Martin, Margaret Eliza
Martin, John Alexander
Martin, Sarah
Goodwin, Elizabeth
Goodwin, George
Goodwin, Beatrice
Goodwin, John Raymond
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Mary Jane
Martin, Harold Melrose
Ferguson, Fredrick
Ross, William C.
Ross, Agnes
Ross, Mary Essie
Ross, William John
Ross, Samuel Clark
Ross, Sarah Martin
Ross, Isabel Bernice
Ross, George Henry
Goodwin, Joseph
Goodwin, Annie
Smith, Elmer
Reid, William
Reid, Elizabeth
Reid, Lloyd Bertram
Reid, George Graham
Reid, Mary Elizabeth
Reid, William Kenneth
Reid, John W.
Reid, Mary Ford
Reid, George Russell
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Margaret
Hewlitt, James
Hewlitt, Elenor
Hewlitt, Robert Norman
Hewlitt, Arthur Wellington
Hewlitt, Flora May
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Page 6 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

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Hewlitt, Emeline
Hewlitt, James Henry
Hewlitt, Catherine Elizabeth
Hewlitt, Mary
Digg, Robert
Digg, Mary Jane
Art, James
Art, Margaret
Wells, Olive
Wells, Henry
Digby, Earl
Ferguson, Alexander
Ferguson, Sarah May
Ferguson, Malcolm Alexander
Ferguson, Mary Ann
Ferguson, James Stewart
Ferguson, Annie Court
Ferguson, Martin Murphy
Ferguson, James Martin Woodcock
McDermott, John
McDermott, Mary Ann
McDermott, John
McLellan, Donald
McLellan, Elizabeth
McLellan, Sarah
McLellan, William Young
McLellan, Christena
McLellan, Isabella
McLellan, Malcolm
Morrison, Jane
Morrison, Mary Ann
Morrison, Robert
Gillespie, Archibald
Gillespie, Mary
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, Archibald Jr.
Gillespie, Mary
Gillespie, Gertrude
Patterson, Allen
Patterson, Alexander
Patterson, Mary
Patterson, Jane
Douglas, William
Douglas, Annie Louise
Douglas, George William
Douglas, Lorne Wood
Ovens, James
Ovens, Mirabell

Page 7 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

Carter, George
Carter, Isabella
Carter, Catherine Jane
Carter, William Mungo
Carter, George Clifton
Carter, John Henry
Carter, Mary Isabella
Carter, Edith Alexander
Hughs/Hughes, William C.
Mary Ellen
Edna Frances
Charles Leslie
Lloyd Clifton
Margaret Ellen
Greenwood, John
Greenwood, Susan Jane
Greenwood, Ida Irene
Greenwood, Mary Adelaide
Greenwood, Roy Perry
Greenwood, John Henry
Greenwood, Orton Alexander
Greenwood, Emma Addie
Greenwood, Stewart Bearl
Greenwood, Effie Gladys
Greenwood, Annie Margaret
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Catherine
Miller, Arthur
Darroch, Archibald
Darroch, Helen
Darroch, John Richmond
Darroch, Barbara
Darroch, Lorne
Darroch, Edith
Gustaves?, Cearon?
Mutter, Charles
Mutter, Elizabeth
Mutter, Florence Pearle
Mutter, Matthew H. Gordon
Ovens, Walter
Ovens, Jane Elizabeth
Ovens, William
Ovens, Nettie May
Ovens, Annie
Ovens, James
Ovens, Walter
Ovens, Douglas Moses J.
Ovens, William
Ovens, Jessie Ellnor
Smith, Jeannie Dunnett

Page 8 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

McComb, William
McComb, Margaret Matilda
McComb, Abram Henry
McComb, Ethel Annie
McComb, Thomas
Hughes, William Jas.
Hughes, Mary Helen
Hughes, Elma Garfield
Hughes, Irene Margaret E.
Hughes, Harold William
Douglas, George
Douglas, Mary Ann Harriet
Douglas, Eva Maud
Douglas, William
Douglas, Blanche Viola
Douglas, James
Douglas, Edith Mildred
Douglas, Doris Lillian
Douglas, Marjorie
Douglas, Garfield
Douglas, Hazel Alma
Barber, James
Barber, Catherine Hannah
Barber, Maud Elizabeth
Barber, Jessie Irene [scratched off]
Barber, Una/Alma? Victoria
Nicholson, David
Nicholson, Mary
Smith, Wilfred Wesley
Gammage, Earnest A.
Gammage, Rose
Gammage, Mildred Daisey
Gammage, Herbert
Gammage, Jolley Martha
Charters, George
Charters, Emmaline
Charters, George Nathaniel
Charters, Hannah Lettitia
Charters, Jane
Charters, Myrtle Edith
Calder, John
Calder, Jane
Calder, Thomas
Calder, Grace Waddel
Calder, Margaret Thompson
Digby, Thomas
Digby, Annie Allen
Digby, John Allen

Page 9 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

Sinclair, Robert
Sinclair, Isabella
Sinclair, Annie Bella Rodger
Sinclair, Florence May
Sinclair, Rubena Kate
Sinclair, John Gordon
Sinclair, Jemima Irene
Rayson, Charles
Rayson, Alice
Rayson, Charles Auburn
Rayson, Robert Rev’d
Rayson, Ella
Rayson, Florence Jean
Fluker, John
Fluker, Frances Ann
Fluker, John Henry
Fluker, Thomas Arthur
Fluker, William Emerson
Fluker, Lillie
Fluker, Margaret Ann E.
Fluker, Mable
Goodwin, Edward
Goodwin, Mary Jane
Goodwin, Richard Morley M.
Goodwin, Thomas
Goodwin, Susanna
Goodwin, Edna Dora
Moore, William
Moore, Annie Louise
Moore, Alice? Edna
McDermid, Duncan
McDermid, Mary Josephine
McDermid, Orby Carman
McConnell, Thomas
McConnell, Sarah Jane
McConnell, John Glynn
Wynn, William
Wynn, Naomi Jane
Wynn, Samuel John Calvin
Wynn, Henry James Evans?
Wynn, Pearl
Wells, Charles Wesley
Wells, Mable Welhelmine?
Wells, John Harley
Pascott?, Thomas
Wells, Albert
Wells, Charlotte
McKay, William
McKay, Harriet
McKay, Etta Jane

Page 10 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

Ivel, James
Ivel, Margaret
Ivel, Margaret
Ivel, James
Ivel, Annie
Ivel, Archibald
Smith, Henry
McEachren, James A.
McEachren, Effie Smith
McEachren, Elmore I.
McEachren, John Gilchrist
Calder, William
Calder, Jane
Blair, B. Henry
Blair, Ida May
Blair, Arnold Daniel
Lyndell, Thomas W.
Lyndell, Joseph William
Lyndell, George Edward
Blair, William
Blair, Elizabeth
Blair, James Alexander
Blair, Mary Elizabeth
Blair, Eva
Mitchell, William H.
Mitchell, Jannett Elizabeth
Mitchell, William Earnest
Mitchell, Janet Viola
Lyndell, John H.
Lyndell, Mary Ann
Lyndell, Sarah Ann Rebecca
Lyndell Samuel A.
Lyndell, Lillie Myrtle Ash?
Murray, Alexander
Murray, Christina
Nootz?, Mary
Coosoon?, John
Coosoon?, Mary Ann
Hewitt, William
Loemain, William
Loemain, Alice
Loemain, Floyd Deloyd
Loemain, Marjorie Nina
Loemain, Wellington Roy
Loemain, Florence Elizabeth
Munford, Ellis
Munford, Ruth Clark
Burns, Mary L.
Burns, Eva Louisa
Burns, Gordon W.

Page 11 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #24

Greenlaw, James
Greenlaw, Elizabeth
Greenlaw, Rachel Marie
Greenlaw, James Robt.
Greenlaw, Mary Alexandrina
Webber, Albert John
Webber, Barbara Marie
Webber, Jessie Monica
Webber, William Ralph
Webber, Charlotte Alice
Webber, John Close
Webber, Beid/Reid Harvey
Greenlaw, Robert A.
Greenlaw, Catherine
Charters, Stephen
Nicholas, William G.?
Nicholas, Margaret Kerr
Nicholas, Clifford
Nicholas, Stella Miller
Nicholas, Rhoda Marie
Mansfield, Joseph W.
Moodand?, Denis?
Roberts, James R.
Roberts, George
…..?, David
Murry/Murray, William
Murry/Murray, Joseph
Lanscaster, Albert

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington North District Number: 133
Sub-district Name/Description: Minto
Sub-district Number: 25
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada    
11 pages

Index transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Carswell, John A.
Carswell, Sarah
Carswell, Gordon
Carswell, Clayton
McCaw, Hazel
Moore, Andrew
Moore, M. A.
Moore, E.
Moore, Thomas C.
Willoughby, Mary
Moore, Pearl
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Mary
Ruler, William
Ruler, Ida
Ruler, Elsie
Ruler, Wesley
Ruler, Charlie
Ruler, Bella
Ruler, Loyd
Ruler, Fanny
McConnell, James
McConnell, Christina
McConnell, Lilla
McConnell, Robert J.
McConnell, Rubena
McConnell, Beetras/Beatrice
Lee, Jonathan
Lee, Mary
Lee, Earnest
Lee, Sarah A.
Lee, Harold
Lee, Jonathan Jr.
Lee, Mary
Lee, James
Seiler?, John
Seiler?, Christina
Seiler?, Lizzie
Seiler?, Albert
Seiler?, Lizzie
Seiler?, Irene
Seiler?, Carrol [m]
Doil/Doyle?, Albert
Seiler?, William
Seiler?, Sarah
Shaw, Samuel
Shaw, Scharlotte/Charlotte?
Shaw, Thomas
Shaw, Joeline [f]
Shaw, John

Page 2 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Douglas, William
Douglas, Annie
Douglas, Evelin
Douglas, Percie
Faucett, William
Faucett, Margret
Faucett, Cora M.
Faucett, Irvin
Faucett, Wesley
Faucett, Beatrice
Loggins, John
Loggins, Jane
Brodhagan, Fred
Brodhagan, Ida
Brodhagan, Harold
Brodhagan, Viola
Bridge, David
Bridge, Bertha
Bridge, Roy
Bridge, May
Bridge, Frances
Bridge, Violet
Bridge, Dora
Bridge, Mary
Bridge, Russel
Bridge, Stanly
Bridge, Ethel
Bridge, Eva
Bridge, George
Corbet, Albert
Corbet, Hanna
Parteau?, George
Parteau?, Jane
Parteau?, William
Parteau?, Russel
Parteau?, Wesley
Parteau?, Florence
Parteau?, Alice
Parteau?, Carolina
Quennell?, George
Quennell?, Ellen
Maxwell, George
Lovel, George
Davidson, Cora
Pike, John
Pike, Maggie
Pike, Velma
Boyd, Samuel
Boyd, Jane
L…? Allie

Page 3 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Ruler?, William
Ruler?, Eliza
Ruler?, Ruth
Hill, Samuel
Hill, June
Hill, Wilbert
Hill, Lesslie
Hill, Victor
Hill, Dewart
Hill, Milton
Hill, Addison
Hill, Isabella
Hill, Wilfred
Hill, Oliver
McMaster, Malcom
McMaster, Margret
McMaster, John
McMaster, Thomas
McMaster, Flora
McMaster, Jean
McMaster, Annie
Capatrick?, George
McMaster, James
Kohler/Koehler?, Jacob
Kohler/Koehler?, Catherine
Kohler/Koehler?, William
Kohler/Koehler?, Tillie
Kohler/Koehler?, Milton
Kohler/Koehler?, Melvine
Kohler/Koehler?, Minnie
Kohler/Koehler?, Edward
Cosers?, Albert
Cosers?, Elizabeth
Cosers?, Viola
Fisher, Albert

Cosers?, Catherine
Cosers?, Norman
Piper, Thomas
Piper, Catherine
Cooper, Hilton?
Cooper, Addie
Cooper, Lillian
Cooper, Vera
Blair, James
McDermut?, Isabella
McDermut?, Edith
Hancock, Charles
Hancock, Emma
Hancock, Harry
Hancock, Willie

Page 4 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Woodcock, Harry
Woodcock, Margret
Woodcock, Aretta
Woodcock, Sidney
Woodcock, Grace
Woodcock, Henry
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Sarah
Cooper, Moris
Cooper, Vera
Shortough?, Harrie
Shortough?, Carry
Shortough?, Catherine
Shortough?, Randall?
Shortough?, Emma
Shortough?, Alice
Leybourne, Samuel
Leybourne, Jenny
Leybourne, Margurette
Leybourne, Robert
Fluker?, William
Scuse, Henry
Scuse, Liddie
Scuse, Isabella
Scuse, Wallace
Scuse, Irvine
Kirby, George
Kirby, Sarah
McMillan, John
McMillan, Ellen
McMillan, Melvin
Graham, John
Graham, Hannah
Graham, Teresa
Graham, Vera
Graham, Joseph
Graham, Irwin
Stone, Daniel
Stone, Mary
Stone, Stewart
Stone, Gladys
McCulloullough, blank
Murdock, Alexander
Murdock, Flora
Murdock, Mary
Murdock, Jessy
Murdock, William
Wenzel, Ephraim
Smith, William
Smith, Fannie

Page 5 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Smith, Nora
Smith, Mable
Seller, Frank
Henderson, William
Henderson, Mary
Henderson, Cora
Henderson, Ada
McMaster?, Archibald
McMaster?, Christina
McMaster?, Malcolm
McMaster?, James
McMaster?, Evelin
McCaughlin?, Charles
McCaughlin?, John
McCaughlin?, Mary
McCaughlin?, John
Cross?, Henry
Cross?, Sarah
Cross?, Marie
Bramhill, Thomas
Bramhill, John
Bramhill, Elen
Bramhill, Mary
Bramhill, Garland? [m]
Lewis, Gladys
Patterson, Allen
Patterson, Betsy
Patterson, Bessie
Patterson, Annie
Patterson, John
Patterson, Nellie
Patterson, Mary
Manning?, Amelia
Flemming, Alex.
Maxwell, David
Maxwell, Lizzie
Maxwell, James
Maxwell, Agnes
Maxwell, Hellen
Maxwell, Bruce
Murray, David
Murray, Gertrude
Murray, Irene
Murray, Ruby
Murray, Graham
Schofe, Thomas
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Fanny
Cooper, May
Cooper, Bernice

Page 6 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Cooper, Alice
Cooper, George
Wilkin, Albert
Wilkin, Mary
Wilkin, Alberta
Cooper, John
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, John
White, Catherine
White, Archie
White, Effa
Wilkin, William
Wilkin, Harriet
Wilkin, Margareth
Wilkin, Evelin
Wilkin, Hellen
Wilkin, Robert
Wilkin, Elizabeth
Wilkin, Mildred
Bartschat, William
Wilkin, Rueben
Wilkin, Martha
Wilkin, Richard H.?
Wilkin, Sarah J.
Wilkin, James? V.
Wilkin, Jennie
Wilkin, Violet
Wilkin, Wesley
Wilkin, Jeanette
Fisher, Lidia
Branshett, Jane
Campbell, Colon
Campbell, Rosella
Campbell, Jean
Bride, Bertha
Campbell, John
Campbell, Maggie
Campbell, Sarah
McCloud/McLeod, John
Broughton, James
Broughton, Betsy
Broughton, Russell
Broughton, Floyd
Wilkin, George
Wilkin, Mary
Wilkin, Annie
Wilkin, Jennet
Wilkin, Archie
Wilkin, Frank
Wilkin, George G.

Page 7 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Wilkin, Alice
Wilkin, Edward
Wilkin, Jane
Wilkin, Margaret
Wilkin, Lucy
Davis, Andrew?
Cown, Isabella
Cown, Blanche
Wenzel, Wesley
Grant, John
Grant, Sarah
Grant, Mable
Grant, Norman
Grant, Harvey
Ferrell, John
McConnell, John
McConnell, Annie
McConnell, Christina
McConnell, Mary
McConnell, Maggie
McConnell, Annie
Wilkie, Alexander
Wilkie, Jean
Wilkie, Neil
Connell, Albert
Connell, Vinie
Connell, Gladys
Connell, John
Connell, Marjory
Connell, Gordon
Connell, Willie
Bacon, Abraham
Bacon, Margaret
Bacon, James
Bacon, Vera
Bacon, Isabella
Bacon, Mable
Bacon, Edith
Bacon, Harry
Bacon, John
Bacon, Martha
Bacon, Joseph
Thomson, Robert
Thomson, Lizzie
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Page 8 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

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Thomson, Mary
Pike, James
Pike, Mary
Pike, Garland
Hallis/Wallis?, Robert
Hallis/Wallis?, Sarah
Hallis/Wallis?, Viney
Hallis/Wallis?, William
Hallis/Wallis?, Malicca
Hallis/Wallis?, Murray
Hallis/Wallis?, Graham
Milson, Clara
Connell, James
Connell, Maggie
Connell, J. Reuen?
Connell, Margret R.
Connell, Robert W.
Wait, Agness
Fallis, James
Fallis, Susan
Fallis, Cassy? M.
Fallis, Stewart
Fallis, Benjamin
Fallis, Sadie
Durrant, James
Durrant, Mary
Durrant, Elmer
Durrant, Mirtle
Bride, Hubert
Bride, Edna
Bride, Morley
Bride, Carman
Bride, Stanley
Noble, Emma
Noble, May
Noble, Ida
Noble, Nelson
Noble, Albin?
Holland, Joseph
Holland, Rosanna
Holland, Annie
Holland, John
Holland, Edward
Holland, John
Feathers, William
Feathers, Kate
Feathers, Carline

Page 9 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Feather, Nicholas
Feather, Edward
Cousins, Edward
Cousins, Frank
Cousins, Lizzie
Cousins, Annie
Cousins, May
Feather, George
Rayson, William
Rayson, Lizzie
Rayson, Beatrice
Rayson, Ralph
Rayson, Dwight
Leppington, John
Leppington, Annie
Leppington, Effie
Leppington, Amos
Lawrence, William
Lawrence, Gea? [f]
Lawrence, Mildred
Lawrence, Annie
Lawrence, Harry
Holland, Martha
Kineally, James
Kineally, Caroline
Wherley, William
Wherley, Lydia
Wherley, Roy
Wherley, Christina
Stinson, William
Stinson, Dora
Stinson, Grace
Stinson, William
Stinson, Elsie
Stinson, Albert
Stinson, Ruth
Stinson, Clara
Stinson, John W.
Wilkins, Duncan
Kean, William
Kean, Peter
Kean, Alice
Kean, Donald
Champ, Warren H.
Russell, Thomas
Pike, David?
Pike, Mary?
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Lizzie
Smith, Cyril

Page 10 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Neil, Milfred
Neil, Mable
Neil, Clarence
Hicks, John
Hicks, Bessy
Hicks, Cora
Hicks, Willie
Milligan, John
Holland, Edward
Holland, Maggie
Holland, John
Holland, Worth
Holland, Annie
Young, Thomas
Young, William
Young, Agnes
Smith, Victor
Leppington, Thomas
Leppington, Fanny
Leppington, Maude
Leppington, Earnest
Leppington, Arthur
Leppington, Roger
Warnicker, Henry
McKnight, Samuel
McKnight, Lizzie
McKnight, Dufferin
McKnight, Laura
McKnight, Cora
McKnight, Clarence
McKnight, Stanley
Rathwell, Jane
Chalmers, Thomas
Weis, Edward
Chalmers, David
Bramhill, Matthew
Bramhill, Elizabeth
Bramhill, Lizzie
Bramhill, Richard
Bramhill, Sarah
Bramhill, Clendon
Smart, William
Smart, Jane
Smart, Lilly
Clark, George
Shewan, Mary J.
Shewan, Charles
Shewan, Mary
Bucon?, Girtie
Smith, Maud

Page 11 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #25

Bramhill, George
Bramhill, Maggie
Bramhill, William
Bramhill, Margaret
Bramhill, Alice
Chewan, John
Chewan, Sarah
Chewan, Ormand
Philipson, George
Philipson, Alice
Philipson, Ella
Philipson, Arthur
Philipson, Cecil
Jose, Robert
Jose, Edward
Sutherland, Ann
Farswell, William
Farswell, Alice
Farswell, Margaret
Farswell, Clarence
Farswell, Andrew
Pike, Richard
Pike, Edith
Wallace, John C.
Wallace, Sarah
Wallace, Lilly
Wallace, John
Wallace, Mary
Wallace, Wesley
Wallace, Gina?
McMillan, James
McMillan, Sarah
McMillan, Gladdys
McMillan, Vera
McMillan, Margaret
McMillan, James
McMillan, Walter
Easter?, Halien? [m]
Denny, James
Denny, Bella

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington North District Number: 133
Sub-district Name/Description: Minto
Sub-district Number: 26
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada    
10 pages
Index transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26


Sanita, Alex.
Sanita, Ella
Sanita, Donald
Inglis, Gordon?
Inglis, John
Inglis, Elizabeth
Pridham, Lewis
Pridham, Edna
Pridham, Harold
Pridham, Ruby
Wilkes, John
Wilkes, Della
Wilkes, Orrin
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, Donald
Wilkinson, Christina
Wilkinson, Annie
Wilkinson, Jennie
Bruce, James
Br…?, John
Br…?, Sarah Ann
Br…?, Leslie
Br…?, James
Br…?, Richard
De Young, Jacob
De Young, Margaret
De Young, Elaine
De Young, John
Gordon, William
Gordon, Margaret
Gordon, Annie
Gordon, Stewart
Broughton, Nelson
Reynolds, William
Reynolds, Annie
Reynolds, Irene
Fennell, George
Jackson, William
Jackson, Drwcella
Jackson, Arthur
McIntyre, Donald
McIntyre, Sarah
McIntyre, Irene
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Janet
Armstrong, John
Dunn, Dougald
Dunn, Flora
Dunn, Annie
Dunn, Lyla
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Page 2 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

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Dunn, Agnes
Kean, Mary
Fleming, William
Fleming, Margaret
Fleming, Marion
Fleming, John
Fleming, Elizabeth
Fleming, Margaret
Bambridge?, Abraham
Soneli?, John
Russel/Russell, Thomas
Russel/Russell, Rachel
Erhardt?, Alma
Russell, Peter
Russell, Cora?
Russell, Edmond
Darroch, Arch’d
Darroch, Margaret
Darroch, Alexander
Darroch, James
Darroch, Arch. A.?
Darroch, Sarah
Darroch, Catherine
McEachern, Peter
McEachern, Elizabeth
McEachern, Percy
McEachern, Laura
McEachern, Roy
Ranton, Charles
Ranton, Margaret
Ranton, Annie
Ranton, Evelyn
Ranton, Martha
Broughton, Roy
McDonald, John
Reed, Margaret
Reed, John
????. James
Johnston, Betsy
Johnston, Lloyd
McKendrum?, Edward
Seifried, Joseph
Seifried, unreadable
Seifried, Joseph
Seifried, Mary

Page 3 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

Seifried, Catherine
Crosby, Alex.
McLeod, John
McLeod, Margaret
Towers?, Cassie
Towers?, Alexander
Towers?, Donald
Towers?, George
Towers?, Annie
Towers?, Elizabeth
Towers?, Marion
Towers?, Hartley
McGregor, Annie
Gordon, James
Gordon, Emma
Gordon, Frank
Gordon, Norma
Gordon, Albert
Gordon, Jessie
Troy, William
Troy, Margaret
Troy, Nellie
Troy, Mary
Troy, Margaret
Troy, Florence
Troy, Thomas
Corrigan, Elizabeth
Bateman, Christa
Troy, Michael
Troy, Mary
Troy, Maria
Troy, Joseph
Greer, James
Greer, Mary
Greer, Fredrick
Greer, Maud
Greer, Charles
Garr, Benjamin
Garr, Caroline
Garr, William
Garr, Elizabeth
Garr, Harry
Garr, Walter
Morrison, Murdock
Morrison, Elizabeth
Morrison, Jennie
Morrison, Emma
Morrison, Rachel
Morrison, Norman
McTaggart, Donald

Page 4 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

Smith, John
Smith, Donald
Smith, Agnes
Smith, Mary
Smith, Jennie
Harrison, Thomas
Harrison, Margaret
Harrison, Frank
Harrison, Roy
Harrison, Jean
Harrison, Velma
Harrison, Clifford
Harrison, Gordon
Harrison, Gregory
Harrison, Bonny
Harrison, James
Pridham, Nelson
Pridham, Harriet
Pridham, Jasper
Ballins?, Arch’d
Ballins?, Sarah
Ballins?, Myrtle
Ballins?, Lola
Ballins?, Edna
Ballins?, Georgina
Ballins?, Hazel
Ballins?, Ethel
Self, Robert
Self, Margaret
Self, Robert
Self, Lollie/Lottie?
McConnachie, Robert
Ballins?, Mary
McCulloch, Robert
McCulloch, Elizabeth
McCulloch, Charles
McCulloch, Rose
Stewart, Thomas
Stewart, Jane
Stewart, Marjorie
Ariss, John
Ariss, Isabella
Ariss, John
Orth, Fred
McConnachie, David
McConnachie, …? [m]
Hall, Catherine
Wichie?, Fred
Wichie?, Elizabeth
Wichie?, James

Page 5 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

Wichie?, Dora
Wichie?, Lanie? [f]
Elworth, Charles
Elworth, Sophia
Elworth, Sarah
Elworth, Ruby
Elworth, Alelin/Adeline
Elworth, William
Elworth, Anna
Elworth, Sophia
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary
Clark, Janet
Acherman, Ferris
Acherman, Albert
Buller, Harold

Acherman, M

Martin, Thomas
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Thompson
Martin, Thomas
Morrell, George
Morrell, ???
Morrell, Sarah
Morrell, Robert
Morrell, Thomas
Sookes?, Eliot
Holland?, George
Morrell, Richard
Morrell, Annie
Morrell, Nelson
Dowler, John
Dowler, Louisa
Dowler, Annie
Dowler, James
Dowler, Louisa
Dowler, Robert
Dowler, George
Dowler, Carlington
Cooper, James
Cooper, Maria
Cooper, Cecil
Cooper, Mabel
Cooper, Lulla
Cooper, Eva
Cooper, Mary
Stockton, Alva [m]
Stockton, Margaret

Page 6 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

Stockton, Edwin
Stockton, Melos? [m]
Stockton, Ethel
Stockton, Samuel
Stockton, Melvin
Stockton, Christina
Stockton, Wallace
Stockton, John
Zimmerman, Andrew
Zeigler, Christian
Zeigler, Carline
Zeigler, Florendine
Zeigler, Clarence
Zeigler, Margaret
Zeigler, Henery
Zeigler, Ira
Zeigler, Elton
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Janet
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Agnes
Davidson, George
Davidson, Margaret
Davidson, Cora
Ford, John
Douglas, Donald
Darroch, John
Darroch, Helen
Darroch, Helen
Darroch, John
Darroch, Ford
Young, John
Young, Loucilla
Young, Fredrick
Young, Helen
Young, Mary
Dutton, Thomas
Domblada?, Mary
Domblada?, Chester
Domblada?, Florence
Domblada?, Ethel
Domblada?, Loucilla
Domblada?, Frederick
Domblada?, Hazel
Kerslon?, Wesley?
Bolton, William
Bolton, Mary
Bolton, Jane
Bolton, Mary

Page 7 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Margaret
Armstrong, Henery
Armstrong, George
Astell, Rufus
Astell, Josiah
Astell, Mary
Noble, Violet
Binns, Jonas
Binns, Frances
Binns, Frances
Binns, Gordon
Smith, Fred
Ford, William
Ford, Henry
Ford, Jane
Leppington, Frank
Leppington, Elizabeth
Leppington, Frank
Leppington, Bessie
Leppington, Charles
Leppington, Gladys
Leppington, John
Stewart, Alex
Stewart, Sarah
Stewart, Gordon
Stewart, Gladys
Stewart, Martin
Stewart, Lyle
Martin, David
Gordon, George
Gordon, Jane
Gordon, Agnes
Eldon, Benjamin
Russell, James
Russell, Mary
Russell, David
Cameron, Margaret
Rutherford, Sarah
Rutherford, William
Rutherford, Richard
McLellon, Peter
McLean, Mary
Ferguson, Donald
Ferguson, Mary
Kirk, Leonard
Chambers, Fredrick
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Flora
Ferguson, Alexander

Page 8 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

Fyfe, Albert
Fyfe, Drucilla
Thompson, James
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Agnes
Thompson, Jessie
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Isabella
Copeland, William
Copeland, Eliza
Copeland, William
Copeland, Mabel
Whiteley, Mabel
Leppington, Ann
Shanahan, Patrick
Shanahan, Elizabeth
Shanahan, Rose
Shanahan, Joseph
Leppington, Robert
Leppington, Matilda
Leppington, Annie
Leppington, Isobel
Leppington, Edna
Copeland, Egar/Edgar?
Copeland, Rea
Copeland, May
Copeland, Harold
Copeland, Carman
Copeland, Pansy/Lanore?
Romar, William
Romar, John
Romar, Margaret
Romar, Marie
Romar, William
Romar, Myrtle
Romar, Frank
Romar, Harold
Copeland, Arthur
Copeland, Sarah
Copeland, Hugh
Copeland, Russell
Hughes?, Elizabeth
Noonan, William
Noonan, Margaret
Noonan, Anthony
Noonan, Helen
Noonan, George
Noonan, Mary
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Page 9 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

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Noonan, William
Noonan, Gerald
Noonan, Annie
Noonan, Edward
Noonan, Cecelia
Kelly, John
Kelly, Sarah
Kelly, Dennis
Kelly, Annie
Kelly, James
Kelly, Frank
Kelly, Bartholomew
Kelly, Alexander
Aitchison, Harry
Fyfe, Thomas
Fyfe, Helen
Fyfe, Roger
Fyfe, John
Fyfe, Della
Noble, John
Noble, Margaret
Noble, Margaret
Noble, Noble, Alice
Noble, Herbert
Noble, Ida
Noble, Carrie
Noble, Ralph
Weber?, George
Weber?, Susan
Weber?, Norman
Weber?, Della
Weber?, Clayton
Weber?, Annie
Weber?, Harry
Weber?, Hilda
Weber?, Helen
Weber?, Lorne
Weber?, Ernestine
Remus, William
Morrison, John
Morrison, John
Gilbert, Samuel
Brimblecomb, Harry [reversed]
Brimblecomb, Nellie
Brimblecomb, Grace
Manderson, Elizabeth
Nichol, William
McKee, Samuel
McKee, May
McKee, Hillard

Page 10 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #26

McKee, Roy
Davidson, Alex.
Davidson, Mary
Davidson, Margaret
Davidson, Jessie
Brimblecomb, James
Brimblecomb, May
Brimblecomb, Bennett
Brimblecomb, Lucinda
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Mary
McKee, Annie
McKee, Bessie
McKee, Annie
McKee, Mary
McKee, Hannah
Aitcheson, Ebenezer
Aitcheson, Arabella
Aitcheson, Arabella
Aitcheson, Olive
Richardson, Thomas
Richardson, Jane
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Robert
Richardson, Elizabeth
Richardson, Agnes
Richardson, Richard
Richardson, John
Mortimer, George
Hagel, Fustares?
Hagel, Mary
Hagel, George
Scott, James
Scott, Adeline
Scott, Jane
Scott, Ella
Scott, William
Fergman?, Emma

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington North District Number: 133
Sub-district Name/Description: Minto
Sub-district Number: 27
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality page 5 duplicated Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada   
7 pages
Transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #27

Shannon, William
Shannon, Sadie
Shannon, Albert
Shannon, Maud
Shannon, Ethel
Shannon, Percy
Dickson, Joseph
Dickson, Sarah
Dickson, Pansy
Shannon, Hannah
Shannon, George
Shannon, Ross
Shannon, Bessie
Peavoy, John
Peavoy, Elizabeth
Peavoy, Aquilla
Peavoy, Sarah
Peavoy, Kattie
Peavoy, Evalina
Peavoy, Ethel
Turner, William Sr.
Turner, Jane
Wilde, Henry
Bell, Elizabeth
Turner, Henry
Turner, George
Evans, Aquilla
Evans, Jennie
Evans, Lorne
Evans, Hazel
Evans, Dwight
Gregory, Fredrick
Gregory, Alice
Gregory, Lloyd
Gregory, Earl
Gregory, Alfred
Shannon, Charlotte
Shannon, Grace
Shannon, Hugh
Shannon, Mile/Millie? [f]
Shannon, Tresa?
Kennedy, Bernard
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Patric/k?
Kennedy, Sarah
Kennedy, Arthur
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Ella
Kennedy, Bernard
Kennedy, Jane
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Page 2 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #27

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Kennedy, Eddie
Kennedy, Elsie
Languish, Peter
Languish, Elizabeth
Languish, John
Riepert, John
Riepert, Katie
Languish, Anna
Pennolk?, David
Maxwell, Jessie
Cox, Owen
Whetham, Wismer
Whetham, Sarah
Whetham, Hal
Whetham, Mary
Turner, William Jr.
Turner, Laura
Turner, Madeline
Gilmartin, John
Gilmartin, Ella
Gilmartin, Thomas
Gilmartin, James
Bell, David
Bell, Gertrude
Bell, Elmer
Donaldson, Stephen
Donaldson, Alice
Donaldson, Alma
Donaldson, Alex.
Donaldson, Thomas
Donaldson, Mary
Donaldson, James
Donaldson, Louisa
Donaldson, Simon
Donaldson, David
Small, Richard
Small, Mary
Small, Thomas
Small, William
Small, William
Small, Byron
Small, Floyd
Small, Maria
Small, Charles
Chilton, Cyril
Chilton, Ann
Chilton, Lola
Chilton, Rosa

Page 3 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #27

Hollom, Robert
Hollom, Sarah
Hollom, Richard
Gibson, George
Gibson, Augusta
Gibson, David
Arthurs, Edith
Arthurs, Cecil
Arthurs, Everett
Arthurs, Harold
Hopson, George
Arthurs, George
Arthurs, Edith
Arthurs, Earl
Arthurs, Edna
Arthurs, May
Arthurs, Norman
Arthurs, Beatrice
Arthurs, John
Arthurs, Valetta
Arthurs, Violet
Arthurs, Ruth
Bell, William
Bell, Jane
Bell, Kate
Bell, Eliza
Hollom, Robert
Hollom, Lizzie
Hollom, Lulu
Hollom, Meryl
Hollom, Laura
Cooke, John
Gibson, James
Gibson, Mary
Gibson, George
Gibson, Alex.
Gibson, William
Gibson, Mabel
Bishop, Ann
Hollom, Fred
Hollom, Ossie? [f]
Hollom, Fred
Hollom, Muriel
Hollom, Walter
Hollom, Olive
Hollom, Winifred
?outz, Henrery
?outz, Mary
?outz, Sarah
?outz, Mary

Page 4 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #27

?outz, Mildred
Whitham, George
Whitham, Lucinda
Whitham, Etta
Whitham, Roy
Whitham, James
Whitham, Norman
Whitham, Gladis
Crow, James
Crow, Janet
Crow, George
Crow, Anna
Crow, Isabella
Presley, Frederick
Aldon, Walter
Cassiday/Cassidy, James
Cassiday/Cassidy, Susan
Souse?, Herbert
Souse?, Violet
Souse?, Francis
Souse?, Walter
Souse?, Kate
Souse?, Maud
Souse?, Edith
Souse?, Elenor
Souse?, Amy
Souse?, Alfred
Souse?, George
Chilton, Henery
Chilton, Jennie
Chilton, Elmer
Chilton, Orville
Chilton, Helen
French, Robert
Ballfor/Balfour?, Elizabeth
Cockrane, Sydney
Cockrane, Sarah
Koch, Leonard
Cockrane, Harve
Cockrane, Mabel
Cockrane, Mary
Cockrane, Zelda
Malloy, John
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, Bella
Ellis, Sanford
Ellis, Sarah
Ellis, Archie
Ellis, Mildred
Ellis, Aleda
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Page 5 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #27

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Ellis, Alexander
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, Isabelle
Ellis, Mary
Ellis, Doras
Cockran/Cockrane, James
Cockran/Cockrane, Ann
Cockran/Cockrane, Herbert
Noble, Inez
Small, John
Otterbein, John
Otterbein, Emma
Weber, Henry
Weber, Henriette
Weber, Albert
Donaldson, Duncan
Donaldson, Rachel
Donaldson, Alex.
Henry, Edith
Donaldson, Peter
Heater, Bertney
Heater, Margaret
Miller, John
Miller, Sellena
Hamilton, Alfred
Hamilton, Florence
Scaar?, Ernest
Thompson, John
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Martha
Darroh?, William
Darroh?, Cora
Darroh?, Annie
Darroh?, George
Darroh?, Lulu?
Crow, Thomas
Crow, Louisa
Collins, Henery
Page, William
Page, Matilda
Page, Franceford?
Page, David
Page, Ellen
Johnston, Henry
Shannon, Arthur
Shannon, Anna
Reeve, William
Shannon, Louisa
Shannon, Edna
Shannon, Mary
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Page 6 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #27

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Shannon, Thomas
Grice, Luke
Shannon, Chester
Shannon, Ethel
Shannon, Marjory
Howse, Frank
Howse, Katie
Howse, Jennie
Howse, Randolph
Brook, Douglas
Lyons, John
Lyons, Martha
Lyons, Charles
Lyons, Allie
Lyons, Earl
Lyons, Kenneth
Howse, William
Howse, Mary
Howse, Alfred
Arthurs, Richard
Arthurs, May
Arthurs, Gertrude
Arthurs, Robert
Grice, Hannah
Grice, Russel
Grice, Murtle
Grice, Lessley
McEchan?, Angus
Forbes, Angus
Ersman, Henry
Ersman, Levi
Ersman, Mary
Arthurs, John
Arthurs, Dorthea
Arthurs, Howard
Arthurs, Lottie
Arthurs, Irene
Arthurs, Jean
Hollom, George
Hollom, Bessie
Hollom, Alexander
Hollom, Evelin
Hollom, Irene
Hollom, William
Hollom, Bruce
Hollom, Roy
Bell, John
Bell, Dina
French, Bert
Johnston, James
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Page 7 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #27

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Johnston, Isabella
Johnston, Christopher
Johnston, Charlie
Burton, Samuel
Burton, Dora
Burton, Roy
Moons, William
Moons, Henry
Moons, Tillie
Moons, John
Moons, Clara
Moons, Wesley
Moons, Mary
Small, William
Small, Mattie
Small, Mary
Small, Inas
Small, Lilla
Small, Lucelle
Small, Irene
Arthurs, John
Pike, Samuel
Pike, Ester
Pike, William
Pike, Jessie
Bennet/Bennett, John
Bennet/Bennett, Margret
Bennet/Bennett, James
Bennet/Bennett, Mabel
Gordon, George
Gordon, Ada
Gordon, Charlie
Jones, John
Jones, Annie
Jones, Gertrude
Jones, John
Jones, Robert


Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington North District Number: 133
Sub-district Name/Description: Minto
Sub-district Number: 28
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality page 7 duplicated Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
10 pages
Index transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28


Pritchard, John
Pritchard, Mary Ann
Pritchard, James L.
Pritchard, Clarence W.
Pritchard, John E.
McKenzie, Alex.
McKenzie, Isabella J.
McKenzie, John D.
McKenzie, Mabel A.
McKenzie, Ethel M.
McKenzie, James A.
McKenzie, William S.
McKenzie, Maggie R.
McKenzie, Isabella R.
Mock, Joseph
Mock, Mary
Mock, Wesley John
Mock, Malcolm
Mock, Joseph
Mock, Jessie
Mock, Robert
Blue, John
Scott, Mary Ann
Scott, Elizabeth E.?
Scott, John C.
Scott, Nellie S.
Dally, Stewart A.
Hall, William J.
Hall, Mary
Hall, Henry E.
Hall, Sarah
Self, William
Self, Elva
Self, Mildred I. V.
Donaldson, Robert
Donaldson, Phillis
Donaldson, Robert K.
Donaldson, Marjorie
Donaldson, Glenn
Donaldson, Hilda
Thackeray, Joseph
Thackeray, Lilly E.
McChonnachie, Albert
McChonnachie, Bell, John H.
McChonnachie, Mary Ella
McChonnachie, Lorne C.?
McChonnachie, Hazel Irene
Bennet/Bennett, Joseph
Nagel, William
Nagel, Rudolph
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Page 2 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

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Nagel, Emma
Nagel, Elizabeth L.
Jackson, Edward J.
Jackson, Barbara
Jackson, Barbara C.
Jackson, Albert E.
Jackson, John A.
Jackson, Jane E.
Jackson, James E.
Stevenson, Emily
Thomson, George
Thomson, Martha M.
Thomson, Nelson
Thomson, Jannette
McCullough, William
McCullough, Norman
Thomson, Thomas Sr?
Thomson, Janet
Thomson, Jane
Thomson, Wm. C.
Newton, William
Newton, Rebecca
Newton, Richard J.
Newton, Crawford
Newton, Pearl
Newton, Edna
Newton, Albert
Newton, Allice I.
Newton, Arthur
Seip, Adam
Seip, Caroline
Seip, Adam
Seip, Jacob
Seip, George P.
Seip, William
Seip, Annie E.
Seip, Alvina C.
Seip, Herbert
Seip, Hilda W.
Seip, Oscar W.
Seip, Walter A.
Getz, Jacob
Priess?, George
Priess?, Agnes
Priess?, Levi
Priess?, Walter E.
Priess?, Simon
Priess?, Freda
Priess?, Pauline
Eidt, George
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Page 3 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

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Eidt, Catherine
Eidt, Violet E. K.
Binns, James
Binns, George
Binns, Margaret
Binns, James R.
Riepert, Albert
Riepert, Mary
Riepert, George
Riepert, Lillian
Riepert, Walter
Riepert, Leslie
Riepert, Charles
Riepert, Amanda
Riepert, Clarence
Meyer, John
Meyer, Margarita
Meyer, William G.
Meyer, Leah L.
Meyer, Maggie O.
Meyer, Henry E.
Meyer, Charles
Meyer, Mary
Gillian, William Jr.
Gillian, Abbie
Gillian, Mary W.
Gillian, Loretta M.
Gillian, Joseph W.
Allenson, Henry
Allenson, Margaret W.?
Allenson, Henritta
Allenson, Daniel
Allenson, Alfreda
Allenson, Marian M.
Allenson, Norman J.
Reading, George
Reading, Maria T.
Lambert, William
Lindsay, Ida
Woods, May
Reading, Sharlot
Dierlanson?, George
Dierlanson?, Mary
Dierlanson?, Lucinda
Dierlanson?, Henry
Dierlanson?, Harvey
Dierlanson?, Luella
Pries, Henry
Pries, Duretta
Pries, Mabel

Page 4 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

Pries, Edmond C. F.
Goll, Albert
Miller, Katherine
Neigler, Henry
Neigler, Amelia
Neigler, Alvina
St. Clare H. D.?
Rahn, Charles
Rahn, Amelia
Boyd, Alexander
Boyd, Elizabeth
Boyd, Grace
Boyd, Marshall
Boyd, Kathleen
Boyd, Pearl
Boyd, Robert D.?
Boyd, Alexander N.
Shannon, Robert W.?
Shannon, Olive
Shannon, Thomas
Colquhoun, Alexander
Colquhoun, Margaret
Colquhoun, Robert
Murray, Thomas
Murray, Maud
Murray, Charles
Murray, Mary E.
Murray, Crandell
Murray, Alexander
Murray, Pearl
Murray, Harvey
Murray, Esther
Murray, Ruby C.
Newman, William
Newman, Elizabeth
Newman, James
Newman, Annie
Newman, Thomas
Newman, Jessie
Greic?, Justus
Greic?, Ellen
Greic?, Gladys F. J.
Newman, Irving
Newman, Mary A.
Newman, Mabel G.
Newman, Fred L.
Newman, Richard J.
Newman, Henry R.
Newman, Charles I.
Carter, Margaret J.

Page 5 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

Shaw, John
Shaw, Sarah J.
Fulton, Eliot L.
Fulton, Hattie
Fulton, James M.
Fulton, Maggie E.
Fulton, Cora
Fulton, Marion
Fulton, Georgina
Fulton, George H.
Fulton, Hattie
Young, Robert
Young, Elizabeth
Epworth, George
Epworth, Katherine
McLeod, John
McLeod, Hugh H.
Tuck, Benjamin
Tuck, Katherine
Tuck, Frederick
Nagel, Charles
Nagel, Elizabeth
Nagel, Caroline
Nagel, William J.
Nagel, Edna R.
Nagel, Charles W.
Nagel, Jennie E.
Nagel, Clara L. A.
Binkley, Henry
Binkley, Mary
Binkley, Christian
Binkley, Carrie
Binkley, Herbert
Binkley, David
Loos, Mary A.
Loos, John
Gillian, John
Gillian, Emma
Gillian, William L.
Gillian, Bridget H.
Gillian, John Jr.
Gillian, Lucy E.
Gillian, Michael
Gillian, Dominick
Burns, Thomas
Elizabeth E.
George L.
Elizabeth E.
Richard T.
Agnes F. L.

Page 6 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

Philip, Casper
Philip, Sarah L.
Philip, Malinda L.
Philip, Ezra P.
Elmslie, Laughton
Elmslie, Mary
Elmslie, Christina O.
Elmslie, William
Elmslie, Christina
Geil, John M.
Geil, Rebecca
Geil, Sarah K.
Geil, Charles W.
Geil, Noah S.
McJannet, Elizabeth
McJannet, Jane
Burnett, Elizabeth
Burnett, James
Burnett, Jean R. B.
Burnett, Jessie I.
Burnett, Hugh J.
Niven, Janet
Wolfe, Louis
Wolfe, Elizabeth
Wolfe, Peter
Wolfe, Louis
Wolfe, William
Wolfe, John
Wolfe, Norena
Wolfe, Elsie
Wolfe, Mary Ann
Wolfe, Laura
Schnarr, Herman
Schnarr, Angeline
Schnarr, Arnay/Arnie?
Schnarr, Walter J.
Schnarr, Elmada S.
Schnarr, George L.
Schnarr, Mabel E.
Joylie?, John
Joylie?, William
Joylie?, Henry
Hay, George
Hay, Margaret
Hay, Christina C.
Hay, Mary I.
Neigler, Louis
Hooper, Arthur
Hooper, Annie S.
Hooper, Gladys

Page 7 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

Hooper, Arthur E.
Hooper, Charles L.
Dunn, Robert
Dunn, Matilda
Dunn, Eliza L.
Dunn, Margaret R.
Dunn, John R.
Shaw, Thomas
Tuck, Albert C.
Tuck, Agnes A.
Tuck, Stewart M.
Lunn, James
Lunn, Margaret H.
Ortman, Joachim
Ortman, Minnie
Ortman, Alvina C
Ortman, Henry J.
Kochler, Henry
Kochler, Elizabeth C.
Kochler, Norman F.
Chapman, John
Chapman, Emma
Heipel, Henry
Heipel, Emma
Orth, John
Gillian, Michael
Gillian, Mary
Gillian, Mary
Gillian, William
Gillian, John
Gillian, Dominick
Gillian, Bridget
Gillian, Angeline
Hopf, Archibald
Hopf, Mary Ann
Hopf, Herbert
Hopf, Alfred
Hopf, Olivia
Hopf, Emma
Hopf, Martha
Gillian, William Sr.
Gillian, Bridget
Gillian, Daniel
Leismy?, John
Leismy?, Catherine
Leismy?, Lavina
Leismy?, Salomie
Leismy?, Elsie
Colquhoun, Peter
Rush, Richard
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Page 8 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

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Rush, Edward R.
Rush, Joseph
Rush, Mary
Rush, Veletta
Rush, Mary
Yost, John
Yost, Lydia
Yost, Wilfred
Yost, Henry L.
Yost, Edward A.
Reading, George
Reading, Minnie
Reading, Bessie
Reading, Bertha
Reading, George E.
Reading, Alice G.
Seifert, John
Seifert, Carrie
Maslen/Master?, George
Maslen/Master?, Elizabeth
Dally, Robert
Dally, Annie
Dally, Roberta
Dally, William D.
Dally, John S.
Dally, George E.
Dally, Margaret L.
Dally, Harold G.
Dally, Sarah
Reading, James
Reading, Hannah
Howes, Joshua
Howes, Pearl S.
Ruland, Edward
Staiger, George
Staiger, Sarah
Staiger, George W.
Staiger, Dora
Morrison, Jennie
Chambers, John
Chambers, Nellie
Chambers, Robert J.
Chambers, Lena
Schoultz/Schultz, Alfred
Kerr, Thomas
Kerr, Pricilla
Kerr, Gordon
Kerr, George
Kerr, Norman
McCauley, James
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Page 9 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28

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Irvine, Dina A.
Fenter, Nicholas
Fenter, Catherine
Fenter, George
Fenter, Ida
Fenter, Conrad
Thompson, John
Thompson, Catherine
Thompson, Jean
Thompson, Russell
Bell, Martin
Bell, Hannah
Bell, Walter
Bell, Margaret B.
Bell, Mildred
Bell, Edna
Bell, Hugh
Findley, Alexander
Findley, Margaret
Findley, Alexander H.
Findley, Lena G. O.
Findley, Adrienne
Findley, Blanche
Jameson, Luella
Dryden, Walter C.
Dryden, Margaret
Dryden, Percival
Brown, Frederick
Jarvis, Edward
Bradley, Roy
Dally, William
Dally, Emma
Dally, Ethel M.
Dally, Wilfred
Dally, Morris E.
Dally, Charles A.
Dally, Mary E.
Dally, Elsie S.
Dally, Norman J.
Dally, Reuben A.
Dally, Ada L.
Fulton, George
Fulton, Margaret
Fulton, Walter
Fulton, William
Fulton, Janet
Fulton, James C.
Fulton, Byron C.
Fulton, Isabella M.
Fulton, Ida M. M.

Page 10 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #28


Redpath, William S.
Redpath, Ellen
Redpath, George
Redpath, David R.
Redpath, Elizabeth C.
Redpath, Isabella M.
Hunt, Hellen
Wright, Hugh
Wright, Elizabeth
Litt, Solomon
Litt, Lucinda
Litt, Saloma C. K.
Litt, Pearl E. N.
Litt, Elmer W. C.
Schaus, William
Becker, Henry
McEwan, James G.
McEwan, Jennie A.
Hill, William Jr.
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Edward J.
Hill, John H.
Hill, Annie M.
Hill, Harold A.
Hill, Norman
Hollinger, Philip
Hollinger, Jessie
Hollinger, Floratta L.
Hollinger, Melinda C.
Hollinger, Alberta V.
Hollinger, Jessie I.
Scott, William
Scott, Janet
Scott, Annie C.
Scott, John
Scott, Robert G.
Scott, Isabelle
Scott, Walter
Scott, Jean A.

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington North District Number: 133
Sub-district Name/Description: Minto
Sub-district Number: 29
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
6 pages
Transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #29

Broughton, George
Broughton, Isabella
Broughton, Anna Isabel
Broughton, Blanche
Broughton, Gertrude
Patman, David
Hale, John
Hale, Mary
Edmonds, Anthony
Miller, Richard
Miller, Fanny
Miller, John Henery
Miller, Ida
Miller, James Wesley
Miller, William Alex.
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Christina
Gilbert, Christina May
Gilbert, William George
Gilbert, Frederick Samuel
Manderson, W. Douglas
Manderson, Margarate
Manderson, William Mac
McCorkindale, John
Johnson, William
Pike, William
Pike, Minnie
Pike, Ernest John
Pike, William Henrery
Pike, Samuel Stewart
Pike, Thomas Harold
Pike, Christopher Claton
Langwich, Henery
Hale, William
Hale, Bert
Hale, William
Hale, Margaret
Brown, Philip
Reynolds, Henery
Reynolds, Jane Ann
Reynolds, Catherine
Pike, Bessie
Mortimer, Robert
Mortimer, Mary Jane
Mortimer, Thomas James
Mortimer, Catherine Jane
Mortimer, Robert Wilfred
Mortimer, Maitland Charles
Mortimer, Mary Ellen
Noonan, Thomas
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Page 2 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #29


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Noonan, Jessie Hellen
Noonan, James Joseph
Noonan, John Anthony
Noonan, Sarah Ellen
Shanahan, Michael
Shanahan, Catherine
Shanahan, John
Shanahan, Francis
Shanahan, John
Shanahan, Bridget Mary
Shanahan, John
Shanahan, Maggie
Corrigan, Katie
Corrigan, Frank
Corrigan, Madeline
Furlong, Patrick
Furlong, Mary
Furlong, William
Haughaslinge, Patrick
Hofman/Hoffman, Nicholas
Page, Margaret
Page, Katie
Page, John
Page, Joseph
O’Dwyer, William
O’Dwyer, Teresa
O’Dwyer, George
O’Dwyer, Joseph
O’Dwyer, Alice
O’Dwyer, William
O’Dwyer, John
O’Dwyer, Michael
O’Dwyer, Jennie
O’Dwyer, Annie Margaret
O’Dwyer, William Peter
O’Dwyer, Ellen Mary
O’Dwyer, Dugan Leonard
O’Dwyer, Mary
Murphy, Charles
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Annie Coreene
Murphy, Ellen Elizabeth
Murphy, James Joseph
Murphy, Charles
McKinney, James
Caraher, Morgan
Caraher, Julia
Caraher, Francis
Caraher, Tresa
Caraher, Mary
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Page 3 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #29

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Caraher, Daniel
Caraher, Veronica
Gray, William
Gray, Rebecca
Gray, Olive
Gray, Annie
Gray, Louise
McKinley, Henery
McKinley, Louise
Ryan, George
Ryan, Eliza
Ryan, John
Ryan, George
Ryan, Ellen
Ryan, Eva
Pike, Forbes
Furlong, Michael
Furlong, Jennie
Furlong, Lillie Agatha
Furlong, Thomas
Furlong, Arthur Livingston
Furlong, Francis
Roberts, John
Roberts, Sarah
Anderson, James
Anderson, Leona
Anderson, Isabel
Sinclair, John
Hohn, Conrade
Hohn, Margaret
Hohn, Valentine
Black, William
Black, Mary
Grosz?, Clara
Reynolds, Frank
Reynolds, Margaret
Reynolds, James
Brown, Jacob Henry
Stringer, Elizabeth
Munn, Alex.
Munn, Margaret
Munn, Thomas
Munn, Alexander
Johnston, Alexander
Johnston, Audrey
Weber, John
Weber, Mary
Weber, Harry
Weber, Conradine? [f]
Weber, Max

Page 4 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #29

Burk?, Timothy
Burk?, Agnes
Burk?, Jeremiah
Burk?, Jenny
Burk?, Jeremiah
Hale, John
Irvin, James
Irvin, Ellen
Irvin, Bertha
Irvin, Edwin
Irvin, Harold
Irvin, Elva
Irvin, Elmer
Irvin, Louise
Irvin, James Sr.
McTaggart, Margaret
McTaggart, Peter
McTaggart, Christina
McTaggart, Duncan
Lyons, John
Lyons, Eliza Jane
Lyons, John G.
Lyons, William
Lyons, Lara Jane
Lyons, Rueben Harold
Lyons, Alvin
Post, Margaret Jane
Woodancy?, Gilead?
Woodancy?, Ann
McLean, Alexander
McLean, Isobel
McLean, John
McAdams, Arthur
McAdams, Sarah
Ryan?, Robert
Saunders, Elsie
McCaw, William
McCaw, Eliza Emma
McMillan, Malcolm
McMillan, Mary Jane
McMillan, Mary Luella
Johnston, Ronald
Johnston, Sarah Isobel
Johnston, Maggie Gertrude
Johnston, Gordon
Dilworth, Wesley
Dilworth, Emma Jane
Bracken, John
Bracken, Edith Pauline
Bracken, Ida May
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Page 5 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #29

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Bracken, Robert
Bracken, Marlie Batman
Bracken, Thomas Alexander
Bracken, Joseph Guy
Bracken, Cora Caroline
Bracken, Malcolm Louis
McIntosh, Peter
McIntosh, Alice
Kirby, George
Kirby, Mary
Kirby, Thomas
Kirby, Robert
Kirby, Victoria
Sinclair, Robert
Sinclair, Mary McLeod
Sinclair, Robert
McLeod, Duncan
McLeod, Mary Ann
McLeod, Mildred Louise
McLeod, Margaret Ethel
McLeod, John Alexander
Walker, James
McLeod, Angus
McLeod, Margaret
McDermid, Hugh
McDermid, Margaret
McDermid, Malcolm
McDermid, Margaret
Forbes, Janett
Forbes, John
Forbes, Margaret
Forbes, Malcolm
Matin, Charles
Matin, Agnes
Matin, William John
Matin, Gladys
Matin, Roy Charles
Matin, Ernest? Peter
Matin, Joseph Earl
Matin, Agnes Jane
Baylan/Baglan?, John
Baylan/Baglan?, Jessie
Baylan/Baglan?, Richard
Baylan/Baglan?, William
Baylan/Baglan?, Katherine Jane
Madigan, Thomas
Madigan, Bridget
Madigan, Thomas
Madigan, William
Madigan, Annie

Page 6 Minto Twp. Sub-dist. #29

Farrell, James
Farrell, Alice
Farrell, Ann Julia?
Farrell, Mary
Davidson, John
Davidson, Sarah
Davidson, Joseph
Davidson, Edward Clarke?
Dennison, Lavina
Davidson, Robert John
Davidson, Sarah Catherine
Davidson, Alvin Russel
Davidson, Vilet Elma
Davidson, Mildred Agnes
Davidson, Edith Catherine
Davidson, Audrey
Davidson, Wilbert Sherman?
Carroll, Thomas
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Louise
Brown, Edith Elizabeth
Brown, Catherine Amelia?
Brown, John Thomas
Turner, James
Turner, Margaret
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, William
Turner, James
McGuire, Alfred
McGuire, Ella
McGuire, Caleb
McGuire, Eliza
McLean, Christina
McLean, James
McLean, Annie
McDougall, Flora
McDougall, Christina Marie
Balfour, Mary

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