1911 Census Indices

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Puslinch Township 1911 Census Index

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington South District Number: 134
Sub-district Name/Description: Puslinch Township, Arkell, Guelph
Sub-district Number: 24
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
8 pages
Index transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24

Carter, John                           Guelph M Head M [Pg 1 entry 1 1-1]
Carter, Annie                        Guelph F Wife M
Carter, Alvin                         Guelph M Son S
Carter, Beatrice                     Guelph F Dau S
Carter, Russel                       Guelph M Son S
Cooper, Laura                       Guelph F Dau S
Cooper, Hamon                    Guelph M Head M [Pg 1 entry 7 2-2]
Cooper, Mary Jane              Guelph F Wife M 
Cooper, Orley                       Guelph M Son S
Hall, William
Walsh, Thomas
Walsh, Catherine
Walsh, Helen
Allan, Alex.
Sharp, John
Sharp, Alice
Sharp, John George

Sharp, Agnes 

Benham?, Frank
Benham?, Edith
Benham?, Georgie
Benham?, Arthur
Benham?, Walter
Hesketh, Daniel
Hesketh, Janis
Hesketh, Lilian
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Elizabeth
Walsh, Frank
Walsh, Alice
Walsh, Mary Elizabeth
Danwick?, William
Hart, Mary Ann
Hart, Michael M.?
Robins, Alice
Yates, Richard
Yates, Annie Elizabeth
Yates, George
Yates, Frances
Yates, Nellie
Yates, Frank
Yates, Alfred
Yates, Walter
Steffler, Louis
Steffler, Mary
Barton, Harry
Barton, Victoria
Barton, Wallis
Barton, Aurel Sarah
Barton, Lila

Page 2 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24

Barton Grace
Moody, Archie
Moody, Mary 
Scott, James
McNulty?, John
McNulty?, Annie
McNulty?, Mary
McNulty?, Geniveve 
McNulty?, Michael
McNulty?, Bridget
McNulty?, Mathias 
Hanlon, Patrick
Hanlon, Mary
Hanlon, Ellen
Hanlon, Maggie
Hanlon, John
Hanlon, Patrick
Hanlon, James 
Clair, William
Clair, Ellen
Clair, Mary
Clair, John
Clair, Joseph 
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Janet
Armstrong, Robert James
Armstrong, Janet 
Cross, Harriet
Robertson, Harold
Maltby, Charles
Maltby, Sarah Jane
Maltby, Mary Caroline
Maltby, Myrtle Hazel
Maltby, William Gordon
Maltby, Elsie Luella
Maltby, Edna Maud? 
Maltby, Douglas 
Harris, Bruce
Harris, Clara
Harris, Clara
Harris, Hazel
Harris, Dorothea 
Duffy, Thomas
Duffy, Anna
Duffy, Amelia 
Duffy, Ida
Duffy, Thomas
Duffy, Regina
Duffy, Lilian

Page 3 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24

Carter, Thomas
Carter, Robina
Carter, Roy

Carter, Edil? [m]
Mulroney, Ellen
Mulroney, James
Mulroney, Mary
Mulroney, Patrick
Mulroney, Nelly

Mulroney, Jennie

Maltby, David
Maltby, Elizabeth
Maltby, Thomas
Maltby, Mary
Maltby, Charles
Maltby, William
Maltby, Albert
Maltby, Dorothy
Barday?, Helen
Barday?, Rebecca
Barday?, Mabel
Robson, Edward
Robson, Elizabeth
Robson, Herbert
Robson, Etta
Robson, Ida
Robson, Wilfred
Robson, Earnest
Robson, Stanley
Robson, Lorne
Harrison, Cecil
Harrison, Edith
Harrison, Harold
Wallace, George
Wallace, Josephine
Wallace, Joseph
Wallace, Fred
Wallace, Ethel
Scott, Hugh
Bradley?, Jemima
Curtts?, Catherine
Arkell, John
Arkell, Thomas
Grieve, Mary
Holman, Richard
Holman, Sarah
Holman, John
Arkell, Henry
Arkell, Mabel
Jones, John

Page 4 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24


Barber, Ella

Byron, Arthur

Byron, Elizabeth

Byron, Arthur
Byron, Marguerite
Byron, Agnes
Myers, Kathleen
Myers, Lilly
Myers, Ella 
Humphries, William
Humphries, Jean
Humphries, Harold
Humphries, Dorothy
Humphries, William 
Cassin?, Philip
Cassin?, Maggie
Cassin?, Catherine 
Keleher, John
Keleher, Alice
Keleher, Francis
Keleher, George
Keleher, John
Keleher, Christina
Keleher, Ida 
Keleher, Emiline?
Hanlon, John
Hanlon, Margaret
Hanlon, Richard
Hanlon, Angela
Hanlon, Mary
Hanlon, Helen
Hanlon, Grace 
Foggin, James
Ruler?, Geo.
Ruler?, Annie
Ruler?, Eveline
Ruler?, William
Ruler?, Mabel
Ruler?, Russel
Hume, David
Hume, Nellie
Hume, David
Hume, Bodge?
Hume, John
Hume, William 
Walsh, John
Walsh, Ellen 
Iles, Peter
Iles, Annie 
Herbert, Alfred

Page 5 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24

Carter, Henry
Carter, Betsy
Carter, Howitt 
Cusick?, George
Cusick?, Katie 
Grant, John
Grant, Marie
Grant, Jessie
Grant, Maggie
Grant, Annie
Grant, Alexander
Grant, Helen
Grant, Kathelen
Grant, John
Davidson, William
Daniels, John
Moon, Bessie
Hume, Jane
Hume, Nellie
Hume, Lillie
Hume, Jennie 
Fulton, James
Fulton, Thomas 
Gordon, John
Gordon, Margaret
Gordon, Francis/Frances
Gordon, Roy
Gordon, George
Gordon, Minnie
Marsh, Ethel
Marsh, Gordon
Marsh, William 
Marsh, John Frederick
Marsh, Harriet
Marsh, Thomas
Marsh, Agnes
Cook, Mary
Cook, Walter
Cook, May 
Richardson, Andrew
Arkell, Thomas
Arkell, Ann
Arkell, Isabel
Arkell, Frederick
Arkell, Annie 
Murray, Robert
Murray, John
Rendle?, Frank
Rae, John
Rae, Grace

Page 6 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24

Rae, Murray
Gallagher, George
Murray, George
Hume, Robert
Hume, Agnes
Hume, Jennie
Laing, William John 
Laing, Eliza
Bette?, William
Bette?, Edith 
Dancy?, Hollis
Dancy?, Celia
Dancy?, Chalmer
Dancy?, Ethel
Dancy?, Leefa?
Dancy?, John
Jefferson, Geo.
Jefferson, Hannah
Jefferson, Vina
Jefferson, Earl
Stanley?, Grace
Stanley?, Richard
Stanley?, James
Stanley?, Margaret
Fraser, William
Scott, Carter
Scott, Alice
Scott, Robert 
Wood, Harry
Barnett, Robert
Desler?, Susan
Desler?, Eliza 
Desler?, Ida 
Daniels, Elmer
Daniels, Sarah
Daniels, Olive
Wood, Alexander
Wood, Aggie
Wood, William 
Tolton, John
Tolton, Liddie
Tolton, Ella
Tolton, William
Tolton, John? 
Hume, Peter
Hume, Marion?
Hume, Allie
Hume, William
Hume, Arthur
Hume, Cameron 

Page 7 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24

Hume, Agnes
Hume, Laura
Hume, Ann 

Orme, Peter
Orme, Helen
Orme, John
Orme, Nellie
Grieve, John
Rodger, George
Rodger, Rena?
Rodger, Orme
Rodger, Marjorie
Nichols, George
Nichols, Jane
Nichols, Charles

Bell, Jane
Watson, Barnet
Watson, William
Watson, John
Watson, Rose
Watson, Carrie
Watson, Lila
Watson, Calvert 
Grieve, Walter
Grieve, Eliza
Grieve, Stewart
Grieve, Lyle
Grieve, Jean
Grieve, Isabella
Grieve, Clara 
Hume, Hannah
Hume, Jennet
Hume, Kathleen
Hume, Mary
Hume, James
Pearson, Elizabeth
McNally, John
McNally, Rose 
Rodger, Rutherford
Rodger, Margaret
Rodger, Andrew
Rodger, Violet 
Wood, Nellie
Beckett?, Layefette?
Beckett?, Annie
Beckett?, Willa
Beckett?, Nelson
Beckett?, Audrey 
Rudd, George
Rudd, Charlotte

Page 8 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 24

Rudd, Albert 

Rudd, Mathew
Rudd, Esther
Rudd, Otha? [m]
Rudd, Hannah
Beal?, Robert
Beal?,Ethel Marsha
Beal?,Verna Mary
Hume, Stewart
Hume, Tena
Hume, James
Hume, Elsie
Hume, Eleanor
Myers, Harry
Petty, James
Petty, Phoebe
Watson, William
Watson, Ellen
Watson, Harvey
Watson, Hellen
Watson, Arthur
Knight, Isaac
Knight, Francis/Frances
Knight, Maud
Hume, Robert
Hume, Margaret
Hume, Hazel
Lasby, ?
Lasby, Maggie
Lasby, Alice
Lasby, Charles
Lasby, George
Lasby, Marshall
Warmington, Albert
Mills, David
Letson, Maggie
McCartney, James

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington South District Number: 134
Sub-district Name/Description: Puslinch Township, Aberfoyle Village
Sub-district Number: 25
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
13 pages
Index transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe


Page 1 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

McCaig, Hector
McCaig, Mary

Corrie, Marjorie
Hartel, James
Gilchrist, Maggie
McGill, George
McCaig, Donald
McCaig, Mary
McCaig, James
McCaig, Russell

Kean, Alexander
Kean, Jsmenia/Ismenia
Kean, Leroy
Kean, Norah
Kean, Jsmay/Ismay
Kean, Hugh
Bulger, Martin
Bulger, Mary
Bulger, Martin
Bulger, William
Bulger, Anna
Bulger, Lily
McCaig, Donald
McCaig, Harris, Polly

McCaig, Winnie

McCaig, Dorothy
McCaig, Grace
Gilchrist, John
McCaig, John
Robertson, Anthony
Robertson, Annie
Robertson, Mary
McCaig, Alexander
Bell, William
Malloy, Barbara
Malloy, Gordon
McKay, William
McKay, Nefemia
McKay, Mary
McKay, John
McKay, Fretta/Frieda
McKay, Calvin
Barker, William
Barker, Jane
Barker, Mitchel
Fenton, Henry
Evans, Thomas

Page 2 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25


Evans, Margaret
Evans, Tommy
Evans, Isabella
Evans, James
Evans, John
Evans, Margret
Crow, William
Crow, Magdalena
Crow, Gladwyn
Crow, Marion
Steffler, Henry
Steffler, Margaret
Steffler, William
Steffler, Ellen
Steffler, George
Smith, Henry
Smith, Emma
Smith, Henry
Smith, Joseph
Small, James
Ross, Hugh
Ross, Catherine
Ross, George
McLean, Archibald
McHenrie, Mary
Borthwick, John
Borthwick, Mary
Borthwick, Charles
Borthwick, Lemoyull?
Borthwick, Lewis
Borthwick, Robert
Borthwick, Gordon
Borthwick, Edwin
Borthwick, Lizzie [sister to head]
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Phemia
Smith, Mary
Smith, Roy
Smith, Irene
Smith, John
Smith, Alexander
Smith, James
Smith, Goldie? [m]
Smith, Bruce
Smith, Isabella [sister to head]
Worthington, Jackson
Worthington, Elizabeth
Worthington, Percy
Worthington, Charles
Worthington, Frank

Page 3 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Worthington, Wilfred
Gallagher, Clara
Heller, Herbert
Heller, Margret
Heller, Adam
Heller, William
Heller, Howard
Heller, Gertrude
Heller, May
Frazer, John
Paddock, Richard
Paddock, Ellen
Paddock, Grace
Paddock, George
Paddock, Viola
Paddock, Charlott
Stewart, Annie
Wilkson, Peter
Wilkson, Alexander
Wilkson, Jennet
Wilkson, Mary
Wilkson, Jessie
McNaughton, Daniel
McNaughton, Jane
McNaughton, William
McNaughton, Margret
Klinker, William
McFarlane, Daniel
McFarlane, Penelope
McFarlane, John
McFarlane, Isabella
Smith, George
Smith, Catherine
Hird, Benjamin
Hird, Ada
Hird, Emily
Pullen, William
Pullen, Fanny
Pullen, Clarence
Pullen, John
Pullen, Fred
Stub/Steele?, James
Stub/Steele?, Agnes
Stub/Steele?, Mary
Stub/Steele?, James
Stub/Steele?, Catherine
Kennedy, Robert
Kennedy, Annie
Kennedy, Grace
Kameron/Cameron, Catherine

Page 4 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Kennedy, Donald
Clifford, Martin
Patterson, Jane
McCormick, Malcolm
McCormick, John
McCormick, Barbara
McCormick, John
McCormick, Gordon

Byrne, Moses
Byrne, Mary
Byrne, Frank
Byrne, Joseph
Byrne, John
Byrne, William
Byrne, Laura
Byrne, Edwin 

Tawse, James
Tawse, Josephine
Tawse, William
Tawse, Delemar
Tawse, Mary
Tawse, Norman
Parks, William
Cassin, Edward
Cassin, Elizabeth
Cassin, Mary
Foster, Jean
King, John
King, Clara
King, unreadable [f]
Boucher, Edgar
Worthington, John
Worthington, Gertrude
Patterson, James
Patterson, Mary
Patterson, John
Patterson, Ida
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Annie
Smith, Catherine
Smith, William
Smith, George
McKay, George
Moore, William
Moore, Catherine
Moore, Russell
Moore, Annie
Moore, Peter
Leslie, George
Leslie, Jannet

Page 5 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Leslie, Roy

Leslie, Laura
Marshall, Thomas
Marshall, Annie
Marshall, Robert
Marshall, Thelma
Tawse, Alexander
Tawse, Annie
Tawse, Vinie
Tawse, Stewart
Tawse, Kenneth
Tawse, Pricelid [f]
Tawse, John
Tawse, Mary
Casson, Hugh
Casson, Annie
Casson, Martin
Casson, Mary
Quirk, Joseph
Quirk, Nina
Quirk, Martin
Aron/Aaron?, James
Aron/Aaron?, Mary
Aron/Aaron?, Elma
Aron/Aaron?, Earnest
Maltby, Thomas
Maltby, Helie? [f]
Maltby, Pearl
Blair, Wm.
Blair, Lucy
Blair, Esther
Blair, Lottie

Blair, Fred
Blair, James
Blair, Elizabeth
Coburn, Charles [reversed]
Blair, John
Blair, Ermina
Dickson, John
Dickson, Henrietta
Dickson, Forence/Florence
Dickson, Norman
Dickson, Ellen
Size?, William
Weir, John
Weir, Thomas
Ormless?, Phillip
Ormless?, Anne
Ormless?, Charles
Ormless?, Mary

Page 6 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Ormless?, James
Ormless?, Sarah
Ormless?, Frank

Ormless?, Cicellia/Cecilia

Ormless?, Edward

Maltby, Leonard
Maltby, Rebecca 

Ord, John
Ord, Jennet
Ord, Andrew
Ord, Effy
Ord, Leonard
Ord, Isabella
Ord, Robert
Ord, Alexander
Ord, James
Pinkney, Wm.
Pinkney, Jenny
Pinkney, Helen
Pinkney, Wilbert
Pinkney, Edna
Ellis, John
Ellis, Margret
Wingrove, James
Wingrove, Jannet
Wingrove, Roy
Wingrove, Maggie
Wingrove, Jannet
Lewis, James
Lewis, Jane
Jackson, Wm.
Jackson, Margret
Jackson, William
Jackson, Thomas
Smith, Joseph
Smith, James
Smith, Patty
Smith, Carrie
Finden?, Peter
Javenor?, James
Javenor?, Annie
Ord, Robert
Ord, Andrew
Ord, Flora
Black, Peter
Black, Mary
Black, Jannet
Black, Mary
Black, William

Page 7 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Black, Margret

Grant, Donald
Gilmour, Wm.
Gilmour, Mary
Wallace, Wm.
Wallace, Christina
Wallace, John
Hohenadel, John
Hohenadel, Kathleen
Hohenadel, Marella
Hohenadel, John
Gaurders?, Charles
Gaurders?, Annie
Keleher, James
Keleher, Annie
Keleher, Austin
Keleher, Hazel
Keleher, Cecillia
Keleher, William
Keleher, Edward
Keleher, Agnes
Hunt, George
Hunt, Nancy
Hunt, Emma
Hunt, Wilfred
Black, James
Black, Mary
Black, Florence
Robertson, David
Harmer, James
Harmer, Maria
Harmer, Roy
Harmer, Annie
Harmer, Moffat
Keleher, Catherine
Keleher, Patrick
Keleher, Mary
Keleher, James
Richardson, Charles
Richardson, Susan
Richardson, Peter
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, Annie
Richardson, Jessie
Kitchen, Elijah
Kitchen, Ella
Cameron, Nuvphemia/Euphemia
Black, James
O’Brien, Jeremiah
O’Brien, Jane

Page 8 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

O’Brien, Alice 

O’Brien, Julia
Evans, Elizabeth
Kitchen, James
Kitchen, Lottie
Kitchen, Calvert
Kitchen, Loyd
Redcliffe, Joseph
Hardie, George
Hardie, Frazer
Hardie, Jannet
Hardie, Jannet
Hardie, Margret
Trousdale, Robert
Trousdale, Carrie
Trousdale, Sheldon
Trousdale, Russell
Trousdale, Carl
Lang, Esther
Stellabiess, Wm.
Stellabiess, Harriot
McRolbie?, James
McRolbie?, Catherine
Barbarie, John
Barbarie, Evelyn
Barbarie, Bertha
Morrow, Thomas
Calvert, Edward
Calvert, Martha
Calvert, Lula
Calvert, Joseph
Calvert, Martha
Calvert, William
Calvert, Alfred
Sacks, William
Sacks, Isabella
Sacks, Solley [m]
Sacks, Fanny
Trousdale, Mary
Trousdale, Edwin
Trousdale, Stewart
Trousdale, Isabel
Trousdale, Lyle
Trousdale, Malcolm
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Harriot
Campbell, Myrtle
Campbell, Erie [f]
Campbell, Viola
Chapman, John

Page 9 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Warren, Thomas

Warren, Sarah
Warren, Gordon

Bell, James

Bell, Catherine
Bell, Harold
Bell, Hazel
Bell, Edwon
Bell, Margret

Bell, John

Cole, John
Cole, Esther
Cole, Ester
Quirke, William
Quirke, Julia
Foley, William
Foley, Charles
Steffler, Frank
Steffler, Grace
Mitchell, Jess? [m]
Mitchell, Clara
Mitchell, Marjorie
Warren, John
Warren, Frances
Lahemi?, Lizzie
Lahemi?, Cecil
Frye, John
Frye, Mary
Frye, Melinda
Frye, Elsa
Reid, Wm.
Barker, William
Barker, Jemima
Robertson, Montague
Robertson, Jessie
Robertson, Stanley
Robertson, Effie
Robertson, Henry
Robertson, Grace
Clarke, Duncan
Gilmour, James
Gilmour, Catherine
Cartwright, James
Carruthers, John
Falconbridge, Arkell
Falconbridge, Laura
Falconbridge, Howard
Falconbridge, John
Foster, Mary
Foster, Sarah

Page 10 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Herbert, John

Herbert, Adelade
Herbert, Laura
Herbert, Wilma

Mason, James

Mason, Mary
Mason, Isabella
Mason, Irene

Chichester, Edward

Blake, John
Blake, Mabel
McErchern, Gilbert
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Nellie
Taylor, Gladas
Taylor, Norma
Davidson, Wm.
McPherson, Angus
McPherson, Bella
Reid, John
Reid, Margret
Reid, Margret
Rudd, Isaac
McLean, Marjorie
McLean, Grace
Hammersby, Herbert
Hammersby, Margret
Hammersby, Mary
Hammersby, Alfred
Hammersby, Christina
Hammersby, Emma
Johnston, William
Johnston, Jean
Blair, Clarence
Blair, Ethel
Blair, Clifford
Marshall, George
Marshall, Margret
Marshall, John
Marshall, Westley/Wesley?
Boucher, James
Boucher, Sarah
Boucher, Mary
Boucher, Norman
Cockburn, Albert
Cockburn, Nettie
Cockburn, Harold
Cockburn, Annie
Cockburn, Gladas

Page 11 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Cockburn, John

Cockburn, Elizabeth
Cockburn, John
Cockburn, Earnest
Cockburn, Moffat
Cockburn, Alex.

Amos, Thomas

Amos, Jane
Amos, Alex.
Amos, Jinnie [f]
Amos, Nancy
Jeffrey, John
Jeffrey, Rachel
Jeffrey, John
Jeffrey, Margret

Jeffrey, Jessie

Jeffrey, Sterling

Taheney, Charles

Taheney, Margret
Taheney, Jeane
Taheney, Henry
Taheney, Lottie
Swartzenberger, John
Porter, Mary
Knolbys, Charles
Knolbys, Maggie
Knolbys, Willie
Knolbys, Alice
Knolbys, Roy
Knolbys, Lydia

Reading, Joseph
Reading, Elenor
Reading, Henry
Reading, Oswald

Flemming, Peter A.
Flemming, Mary
Flemming, Alex.
Flemming, Emma
Flemming, John
Flemming, Alexander
McDougall, Lauclland?
French, Percy
Haugh, Charles
Haugh, Helena
Haugh, Mary
Haugh, Irene
Haugh, Charles
Haugh, Ophralia [f]
Haugh, Edward
Haugh, Ethel

Page 12 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

Haugh, Ralf 

Haugh, John
Haugh, Alvena
Leachman, Henry
Leachman, Mary
Leachman, Elenor
Leachman, Clarence
Leachman, James
Leachman, Henry
Leachman, Andrew
Gilchrist, Hector
Gilchrist, Annie
Gilchrist, Jannet
Gramelaws, Wm.
Atkison/Atkinson, David Mrs.
Atkison/Atkinson, George
Atkison/Atkinson, Mary
Weatherwall, Charles
Weatherwall, Mary Jane
Weatherwall, Elsie
Weatherwall, Mabel
Trousdale, Wm.
Trousdale, Mary
Lang, W. C. [m]
Lang,  Martha
Wando, John
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Anne
Sweeney, Frank
Sweeney, Jenny
Sweeney, Murray
Sweeney, Hannah
Ross, Duncan
Ross, Jane

Ross, James

Ross, Stanley
Ross, Henry 
McIntire/McIntyre?, Mark
Wakefield, Murdock
Wakefield, Bertha
Wakefield, Isabel
McKenzie, Kenneth
McKenzie, Margaret
Pinkney, John
Campbell, Catherine
Watt, Robert
McFarlane, Robert
McFarlane, Mary
McFarlane, Lyla

Page 13 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 25

McFarlane, Marjory
McFarlane, Mary
Richardson, Richard
Lyttle, Christopher
Lyttle, Jane
Lyttle, Robert
Mahon, Thomas
Mahon, Mary
Mahon, Margret
Mahon, Joseph
Mahon, John
McCormick, Arcbald/Archibald

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington South District Number: 134
Sub-district Name/Description: Puslinch Township, Morriston Village and Shaw Village
Sub-district Number: 26
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
15 pages
Transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Nicola, Dominic

Dayoshine, Alex.
Fossila, Salvador
Mammiolete, Dominic
Lucmmio, Fred
Rushtack, Peter
Pollioek, John
Norick, John
Lashuo, Leward
Lashuo, Metro
Carthia, John
Yacoewinmik, Theo
Scotch, Matthew
Dondue/Donohue?, Ander/Andre?
Dugonitch, Michael
Garusto?, Nichola
Oslopank, Matthew
Spigg, William
Dolpla, Patrick
Bitulick, Matheson?
Truphin, Michael
McQueen, William
McQueen, Marian
McQueen, David
McQueen, Charlotte
McQueen, Hazel
Philpot, Silas
Philpot, Annie
Philpot, Florence
Philpot, Lorne
Philpot, Ada
Philpot, Della
Raimondo, Dolpato?
Ernesto, Agetta
Locetta, Angelo
Mose, Tuggion
Stocko, Guiseppo
Stracino, Francisco?
Dal Broy, Angelo
Stracino, Marcee
Bianco, Angelo
Mayafor, Dominic
Stecko, Giovanni

Rickardo, Fugion

Sasandoto, Andrea
Jabesto, Antonio
Leslie, Edwin
Leslie, Margaret
Leslie, Marie
Leslie, William

Page 2 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Leslie, Grace

Leslie, Edwin
Leslie, George
Currie, William
Currie, Francis/Frances
Currie, Rillie [f]
Currie, Maggie
Currie, Wm. John
Munch, John
Munch, Catherine
Munch, John
Munch, Wesley
Munch, Fredrick
Munch, Arthur
Shultz, William
Shultz, Fredricka
Shultz, Chester
Shultz, George
Shultz, Minnie Irene
McNaughton, David
McNaughton, Margaret
McNaughton, Martin?
McNaughton, Janet
Currie, Archibald
Watson, Alexander
Finnamore, Edward
Finnamore, Ella
Finnamore, John
Finnamore, Mary
McGuire, Joseph [reversed]
Butcher, George
Butcher, Margaret
Wood, James
Wood, Theresa
Wood, Laurina
Wood, Reba
Wood, Velma
Wood, Stella
Wood, Margery
Ritchie, Mary
Marshall, Archibald
Marshall, Rachel
Marshall, Gladstone
Ironside, Gordon
Brown?, Jane
McDonald, Clarence
McDonald, Bertha Louise
McDonald, Victoria

Page 3 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

McDonald, Agnes K.
McDonald, John A.
McDonald, Louisa
Bruce, Alfred
Bruce, Annie
Bruce, Reginald
McPherson, John A.
McPherson, Ella
McPherson, Donald Murry
McPherson, Jane Catherine
Blounry?, Charles
Black, James A.
Black, Emma Jane
Black, Florence
Black, James Alex.
Black, Eva Y.?
Maddaugh, Robert
Maddaugh, Amelia
McPherson, George
McPherson, Catherine
McPherson, Jessie
McPherson, Marie
Maddaugh, Charles
Maddaugh, Margaret
Maddaugh, Audrey May
Ironside, Henry
Small, Alice
Jamis?, James
Stewart, Neil
Stewart, Catherine
Stewart, Douglas P.
Stewart, Donald McLean?
Goulding, Frank
Harrison, Francis
McPherson, Jane
Fielding, George
Fielding, Jane
Fielding, John
Fielding, Walter
Fielding, Jessie
Elliot, George
Elliot, Nancy
Elliot, John
Elliot, Margaret E.
Elliot, Charles
McMillan, Donald
McMillan, Sarah
McMillan, Richard
McMillan, Christine

Page 4 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

McMillan, Oswald

McMillan, James
McMillan, Beatrice
McMillan, Donald
Negro, Louis
Negro, Mary
Negro, Louis
Negro, Lizzie
Negro, Solomon
Bowman, Anthony
Bowman, Theresa
Bowman, Florence
Bowman, Alma
Mason, William
Mason, Isabella
Mason, Harold
Mason, Milford
Smith, John
Smith, Mary
Smith, Norah
Smith, Wilbert
Fritz, Jacob
Fritz, Mary
Fritz, Clara E.
Fritz, Ida Catherine
Fritz, William
Fritz, Christian
Fritz, Arthur
Fritz, Ervin
Clark, Hugh
Clark, Margaret
Beaur?, Henry
Beaur?, Mary
Beaur?, William
Beaur?, Elsie
Beaur?, David
Beaur?, Harry
Beaur?, Lena
Beans, Peter
Beans, Mary
Beans, Norman
Martin, John
Martin, Lizzie
Martin, James
Martin, Alexander
Martin, Jean
Laun…?, Richard?
Laun…?, Isabella
Laun…?, Helen

Page 5 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Laun…?, W. Nelson

Laun…?, Wm. ???
Carsehill?, Jane
Rappolt?, John
Rappolt?, Lucis?
Rappolt?, Margaret
McIntyre, Joseph
McIntyre, Elizabeth
McIntyre, James
McCartney, Robert
McCartney, Mary Jane
McCartney, Robert J. W.
McCartney, Elmer L.
McCartney, Mary Edith
Jacobs, Benjamin
Jacobs, Samuel
Jacobs, Susanah
Currie, Charles
Currie, Mary
Beaurs?, Henry
Stewart, Harry
Stewart, Margaret I.
Stewart, Catherine I.?
Stewart, John Larry
Stewart, Helen
Stewart, Jean Elizabeth
Morlock, William
Morlock, Simon
Morlock, Ethelbert
Gregor, Louis
Gregor, Wilhelmina
Gregor, Joy
Gregor, Earl
Gregor, Gerald
Winer?, William
Winer?, Lena
Winer?, John
Winer?, William
Winer?, Mabel
Winer?, Wes
Miller, Charles Fredrick?
Penrico?, John
Penrico?, Louisa
Penrico?, Alex.
Penrico?, Anna
Penrico?, Mary

Page 6 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Penrico?, Janet F.
Penrico?, John
Penrico?, Robert F.
Penrico?, Earl S.

Clarke, John
Clarke, Isabella
Clarke, John 
Clarke, Margaret 

Moffat, Margaret
Moffat, Bella
Meldrum, George
Meldrum, Gertrude
Meldrum, Anna
Meldrum, Elina
Weatherston, James
Weatherston, Alberta
Gill, William
Munch, Harry
Munch, Carrie
May, John
Munro, Andrew
Munro, Margaret
Munro, John H.
Munro, Grace E.
Munro, Anna
Evans, George
Evans, Susannah
Winner/Winer?, Eli
Winner/Winer?, Levina
Thompson, Mary
Lewis, George
Lewis, Lila?
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Dorey? [f]
M…?, Eliza
Mill?, Charles
Mast, Charles
Mast, Agnes
Mast, Agnes May
Mast, Louisa Annie
Mast, Bernard C.?
Mast, William H.
Mast, John A.
Granger, Patrick
Smith, George
Smith, John
Parnell, Eliza
Nichol, William
Nichol, Jeanis
Nichol, Alexander

Page 7 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Nichol, Earnest
Nichol, Jessie 

McPhee, John
Elliot, Walter
Elliot, Jessie
Elliot, McMillan
Elliot, Jessie A.
Simpson, John
Martin, William
Martin, Susannah
Martin, Cecil
Martin, Anna H.
Martin, Isabell Mc
Martin, Aliss M.
Martin, Verna Mabel
Read/Reid?, John
Read/Reid?, Margaret
Read/Reid?, Marshall
Read/Reid?, Annie
Read/Reid?, Lilian
Haines, Thomas
McLean?, Donald
McLean?, Ellen
McLean?, Gordon
McLean?, Mary E.
Quilman, John
Quilman, Fanny
Quilman, Margaret
Quilman, Richard
Quilman, Mary
Clark, John
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Earnest
Clark, George D.?
Clark, Isabella C.
Clark, James D.
Clark, Christina
Clark, Grace M.
Clark, Mary unreadable
[Unreadable], John
[Unreadable], Eliza

Page 8 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

[Unreadable], Mary

[Unreadable], Marjory
[Unreadable], Malcolm
[Unreadable], Gladys
[Unreadable], Benjamin
[Unreadable], John
[Unreadable], Regina?
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Mary
Scott, William
Scott, John
Scott, Edward
Scott, George
Scott, Donald
Scott, Archie
Scott, James
Scott, Hugh
McLean, Duncan
McLean, Margaret
McLean, Peter
McLean, Marjory
McLean, Christina
Nichol, James
Clarke, Duncan Robert
Clarke, Margaret Jessie?
Clarke, Marjory C.
Clarke, Margaret M.
Clarke, Annie I.
Clarke, Janet
Clarke, Mary Helen
Clarke, Emma Elizabeth
Clarke, Maud Alice
Clarke, Lola McLellan?
Hobbs, Walter
Heffernan, Lorne
McPhee, John
McPhee, Emma
McPhee, James L.
McPhee, Alex.
McPhee, George
McPhee, Margaret
McKecknie, Alex.
Kerr, William John
Kerr, Allison
Cockburn, Hugh
H…? Thomas
McLean, Peter
McLean, Catherine
McLean, John
McLean, Peter

Page 9 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

McLean, Douglas

McLean, Bella
McLean, Annie D.

Allen, Bud
McLean, Alexander
McLean, Jessie
McLean, Alexander
McLean, Donald
McLean, Peter
McLean, Kathleen
McLean, Christina
McLean, Wilfred D.
McLean, Annabel
McLean, Margaret
McLean, Kenneth A. 

Heffernan, Daniel
Heffernan, Mary
Heffernan, Thomas
Heffernan, Thomas
Heffernan, Florence May
Heffernan, James Alex.
Heffernan, Ellen Beatrice
McLean, Donald
McLean, Christina
McDouggald, Donald
Bruce, Stewart
Bruce, Jessie
Bruce, Scuggie [m]
Bruce, Donald
Bruce, Annie
Bruce, William
Organ?, Henry James
Organ?, Loretta
Organ?, Thomas M.
Organ?, John Henry
Organ?, James Edward
Organ?, Francis Charles
Organ?, William F.
Hanning, Donald
Hanning, Lizzie
Hanning, Margaret
Hanning, Elizabeth
Hanning, William
Hanning, Robert
Hanning, Donald A.
Hanning, Elizabeth
Corson, William
Simpson, James
Simpson, Marjory
Simpson, Donald

Page 10 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Simpson, James

Simpson, Peter R.
Simpson, Margaret

Simpson, Mary

Simpson, Marjory
Harmon, Joseph
Harmon, Jeannie
Harmon, William
Martin, Neil
Martin, Mary
Martin, Robert K.
Martin, Angus
Martin, Mary
Martin, Archibald
Martin, Jessie
Martin, Euphemia
Martin, Neil
Smith, Euphemia
Clark, John
McEdward, Alexander
McEdward, Catherine
McEdward, Duncan
McEdward, Annie
Beaton, Thomas
Beaton, Mary
Beaton, Myrtle?
Beaton, Celina
Beaton, Olive
McPherson, John
McPherson, Margaret
McPherson, Catherine Mary
McPherson, Annie M.
Borden, Margaret
McCallum, Alex.
Foley, John
Foley, Margaret
Foley, Gladys I.
Foley, Joseph
Foley, Thomas
Foley, Thomas
Foley, Thomas
Foley, Helen
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Wilfred Daniel
Stewart, Donald
McLean, Donald
McLean, Christine
McDonald, Grace
Buchanan, Elizabeth

Page 11 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

McRory, William

McRory, Ann
McRory, Jane
McRory, Mary
McRory, Elizabeth
McRory, Annie May
McRory, William R.

McKenzie, John

McKenzie, Annie
McKenzie, Annie
Clark, John D.
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, Ellen
Campbell, Dougald
Campbell, Margaret
Smith, Archibald
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Campbell Neil
Smith, Mary Isabell
Smith, Sylvia Ella/Etta?
Smith, Wilbert
Smith, John Arnold
Smith, Harold A. C.?
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, Isabell
Gallagher, Gordon
Gallagher, Sanford
Gallagher, Elma
McDonald, Allan
McDonald, John
McDonald, Georgina
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Emily M.
McDonald, Georgina
McDonald, Beatrice
McDonald, Annie
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Lizzie
Land, Hugh
Land, Francis/Frances
Land, Joseph
Land, Annie
Land, John
Land, Minnie
Land, Maud
Land, Norman
Land, Alex.
Land, Emma
Smith, John
Smith, Emily

Page 12 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Smith, Isabella

Buchanan, Thomas K.
Buchanan, Mary Ann
Buchanan, Angus
Buchanan, Duncan
Buchanan, Marjory C.
Buchanan, Mary Adelaide
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Thomas
McDonald, Rebecca
McDonald, Mary
Martin, James
Martin, Mary
Martin, John
Harrison, Sephius?
Harrison, Mary
McIntyre, Daniel/David?
McIntyre, John D.
Gillmour, John
Gillmour, Annie
Gillmour, Annie
Gillmour, Isabell
Gillmour, Andrew
Grant, John
Barker, Walter
Krahnmachu?, Frank
Krahnmachu?, Mary Ann
Krahnmachu?, Claire Marie
Matthis?, Peter
Matthis?, Jessie
Matthis?, John
Killick, George
Killick, Annie ?
Killick, Grace
Killick, Ivy Kathleen
Killick, Olive Marie
Teif?, Charles
Teif?, Elizabeth
Teif?, Mary Lilian
Teif?, Elizabeth Jeannette?
Hingleman?, John
Hingleman?, Florence
Hingleman?, Cameron
Hingleman?, Gordon
Hingleman?, Margaret
Gregor, Fredrick
Gregor, Catherine

Page 13 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Gregor, John

Morris, Thomas
Morris, Rosena
Morris, William
Welsh, Michael
Welsh, Mary
Schlegal, [unreadable]
Elfrew?, George
Elfrew?, Barbara
John, [unreadable]
John, Catherine
John, Walter? George
John, Mary Pearl
John, Martha
John, Olive? Barbara
McNaughton, John
McNaughton, Jeannie
McNaughton, Mabel M.
McNaughton, Lila May
McNaughton, Gracie
Westlake, John
Westlake, Miriam?
Westlake, Leonard
Westlake, Annie?
Westlake, Walter
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Catherine
Brown, Louisa
Brown, William
Brown, Martha
Brown, Irene
Brown, James Bernard
Brown, George
Binkley, Russell
Binkley, Martha
Binkley, Gertrude M.
Binkley, Frederick Charles

Binkley, Al

Binkley, Martha
Vogt, John
Vogt, Catherine
Vogt, Florence
Watson, Alexander
D….., M….? [m]
Heather, John
Heather, Mary C.
Heather, Lawrence
Heather, William F.
Heather, Albert J.
Telfar, [unreadable] [m]

Page 14 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26

Telfar, Annie
Telfar, [unreadable] [f]
Telfar, Charlton
Telfar, Margaret
Guyer, Mary Martha
Dennison?, John R.
Dennison?, Wilhelmina
Dennison?, Norman C.
Finklemus?, George
Finklemus?, Jacobine
Finklemus?, Fredrick
Finklemus?, Lorinda
Finklemus?, Alvin
Ayres, Thomas
Ayres, Ann
Ayres, Thomas
Ayres, James
Walkinson/Watkinson?, John
Walkinson/Watkinson?, Lottie M.
F….?, E. R.
F….?, Mary
F….?, Lydia
Shully/Shultz?, Fredrick [reversed?]
Shully/Shultz?, Louisa
Shully/Shultz?, Clara
Shully/Shultz?, Harry
Shully/Shultz?, Maud
Shully/Shultz?, Eva?
Kennedy, Malcolm
Kennedy, Agnes
Harbottle, Wilhelmina
Morlock, Christian
Morlock, Mary
Morlock, Louisa
Hodge, William
McFarlane, Catherine
McFarlane, Margaret
Hanning, George
Hanning, Louisa
Stahl, Solomon
Stahl, Lavina
Stahl, Joy Evelen
Roth….?, Elizabeth
King, James Harold
King, Mary Jane
King, Vera? Isabell?
Ames, John
Ames, Victoria
Ames, William A.
Ames, Gordon C.?

Page 15 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 26


Ames, Albert J.
Ames, Frank H.
Clarke, Donald
Clarke, Mary
Doyle, Jane
Doyle, Margaret
Doyle, Mary
McLean, Janet
McLean, Alexander
McLean, John
McLean, Adelaide
Donovan, Henry
Donovan, Cassie?
Donovan, Roy
Morlock, Christian
Morlock, Sophia
Morlock, [unreadable]
Morlock, Roy
Morlock, Alma?
Reid, James
Reid, Mary
Dunkin?, Margaret
Dunkin?, Fredrick
Brown, Charles
Brown, Alice
Brown, Beatrice
Brown, Harold
Brown, Fredrick
Brown, Martha
Munch, Henry
Munch, Fanny
Munch, Agnes Clara
Bearse, Henry
Bearse, Sophia
Bearse, Louisa
Brown, Solomon
Brown, Bernard
Brown, Mary
McGinnis, blank [m]
Binkley, Martha
Morlock, David
Morlock, Barbara
Morlock, Carman [f]
Leith, James
Leith, Christina
Leith, Phyllis M.
Leith, Norma I.?
Munch, William
Munch, Margaret
Munch, Louis

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington South District Number: 134
Sub-district Name/Description: Puslinch Township, Killean, Cruff, Clyde
Sub-district Number: 27
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
9 pages
Transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27


Ferguson, Marshall
Ferguson, Bella
Ball, Harold
Ball, Margaret
Ball, William
Burmaster, Robert
Burmaster, Alice
Burmaster, Rosina
Burmaster, Robert
Burmaster, Isabella
Burmaster, Sylvester
Burmaster, Mary
Burmaster, Percy
Hellyer, Mary
Mason, William
Mason, Harriet
Mason, Jennie
Nesbitt, Minnie
McIntosh, Donald
McIntosh, Mary
McIntosh, Mary
McIntosh, Corillie?
McCormick, John
McCormick, Kate
McCormick, Ronald
McCormick, William
Bartles, Fred
Bartles, Sophia
McKeller, Archie
McKeller, Alvina
McKeller, Angus
McKeller, Gordon
McIntosh, William
McKeller, William
McCormick, Alex.
McCormick, Elizabeth
McCormick, Mel
McCormick, Mary
Cockrane, Archie
Cockrane, Mary
Milroy, David
Milroy, Helen
Milroy, Margret G.
Milroy, William B.
Milroy, Bessie E.
Reeve, Stanley
Currie, Mary
Currie, Lizzie

Page 2 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

Currie, Herbert

Brydon, James
Brydon, Jane
Brydon, Maggie
Brydon, John
Milroy, John
Milroy, Margret
Milroy, Janet
Milroy, Jennie
Milroy, James
Sault, Sampson
Sault, Brock?
Sault, Lilly
Sault, Nellie S.
Sault, Alice
Loxes?, William
Loxes?, Helen
Loxes?, William
Loxes?, Harold
Barbara?, John
Giordana, Santana?
Barbara?, Vincent
Barbara?, Dominic
Bengola, Dominic
Frg…?, Messalina
Nicola, Princes?
Barbara?, Toni?
Bellen?, John
Vallnia..?, Fred?
Lieschauk?, George
Palchada?, John
Vetoria?, Fortruck?
Gerrie?, Nicholas
Ramsay, Arch.
Ramsay, Christine
Ramsay, Margret
Ramsay, Alberta
Ramsay, Oswald
Ramsay, Alma
Angus, Peter
Angus, Lizzie
Angus, Isabella
Angus, William John
Angus, Edna
Angus, George Alex.
Ramsay, Norman
Ramsay, Janet
MacAlister, Dan
Ramsay, Donald

Page 3 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

Ramsay, Margaret
Ramsay, James G.
Ramsay, Alex.
Ramsay, Beatrice
Ramsay, Alex.
Ramsay, Grace
Cook, James
Cook, Caroline
L…?, William
L…?, Catherine
L…?, Anna
L…?, George
L…?, Peter
Scott, John
Scott, Mary
Scott, Matthew
Scott, Charlie
Scott, Matthew
Scott, Jessie
Reddick, James
Hadd…?, George
Hadd…?, Cristina?
McPhatten/McPhallen?, Niel/Neil
McPhatten/McPhallen?, Mary
McPhatten/McPhallen?, Blair
McPhatten/McPhallen?, Cristina?
Winter, Ray
McGeachy, Donald
McGeachy, John
McGeachy, Lizzie
McGeachy, James
McGeachy, Margret
Elliot, Matthew
Elliot, Christina
McIntyre, Hugh
McIntyre, Annie
McDonald, Duncan
McDonald, Elizabeth
McDonald, Jeanella?
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Wilhelmina
McDonald, James
Hood, Ethel Vera
McAlister, William
McAlister, Janet
McRobbie, Jane
McRobbie, Maggie
McRobbie, Robert

Page 4 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

Pathett?, William
Pathett?, Ida L.

Palchett, Thomas
Palchett, Emily
Palchett, Doris 

Cameron, John
Cameron, Mary
Chisholm, Noble
Ferguson, Margaret
Geordier, Eli E.
Geordier, Elizabeth
Geordier, [unreadable]
Geordier, Milton? E.
Geordier, Leonard W.
Geordier, Clare M.
Geordier, Lewis
Geordier, Ray
Geordier, Russell
Geordier, Gordon E.
Lear?, John
Paloni?, Desco?
Besso, Antonio
Givano, Bresa
Dantone, Maro
Bertols, Ricardo
Bau?, Aneseo?
Bau?, Givina?
Macarella?, Carmine
Macarella?, Ruplals?
Marcella?, Felice
Bondo, Santonio
Bondo, Angelo
Dent…?, Luigi
Dapinells?, Givinno?
Pamento?, Nicoline
Calesty, Chimento
Masueto?, Rsulto?
Fernando?, Doldo?
Grasito?, Antonio
Grasito?, Danto?
McConnell, Robert
McConnell, Margret
McConnell, Charles
McConnell, George
McConnell, Thomas
McConnell, Stewart
Hood, John
Hood, Jesie
Bowman, George
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Page 5 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

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Hood, Myrtle

Hood, Cecil
Hood, Irene
Hood, Howard
Hood, Annie
Hood, Lottie
Hood, Elizabeth Ina?
Blake, James
Blake, Mary?
McMillan, Arch.
McMillan, Christina
McMillan, Marie
McMillan, Grace
McMillan, Christina
McMillan, Angus
McMillan, Charlotte
McMillan, Lou? Richard
Foxlie/Foxley?, Henery
Foxlie/Foxley?, Margaret
Foxlie/Foxley?, Scott
Foxlie/Foxley?, Pansy Hazel?
Foxlie/Foxley?, Grace Mary
Foxlie/Foxley?, Olive Jane
Scott, Margaret
Currie, Hugh
Currie, William
Paddock, George
Paddock, Janet
Paddock, Wilma? Jesi?
Paddock, John Martin?
Paddock, Mary Jane
McMillan, Donald
McMillan, Barbara
McMillan, Donald
McMillan, Archie
McMillan, Catherine
McMillan, John
McMillan, Marguerite
McMillan, Malcolm
Paddock, Thomas
Paddock, Annie
Paddock, Ada Catherine
Bond?, William
Bond?, Catherine
Halles, Harold
Fraser, Arch.
Fraser, Charlotte
Paddock, John

Page 6 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

McCormack, Angus
McCormack, Annie
McCormack, William
McCormack, Jessie 

McCormack, Donald
McCormack, Catherine
McCormack, Jane

McCormack, Cassie

McCormack, Helen
McCormack, William
McCormack, Eliza

Stewart, Allan

Stewart, Jane
Stewart, Donald
Stewart, Grace
Stewart, Lizzie

McPherson, Angus

McPherson, Flora
McPherson, James
McPherson, Peter
McPherson, Margret
McPherson, Elizabeth

McPherson, James

McPherson, Catherine
McPherson, Jennie
McPherson, Angus
McPherson, Helen
McAnish, John
McAnish, Jane
McAnish, Matthew
McAnish, Lottie
Stewart, Donald
Stewart, Euphemia
Stewart, Mary Helen
Stewart, Alex. McGregor
Stewart, Edna F.
McPherson, Ronald?
McPherson, Lili?
McPherson, Lizzie
McKnight, Mary
Thompson, Alex.
McDermid, John
McDermid, Agnes
McDermid, Ida May
McDermid, Margaret H.
McDermid, Archibald
Hollinger, James A.
Hollinger, Annie
McDonald, Margret

Page 7 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

Scott, Arch

Scott, Mary
Scott, Robert?
Scott, James
Scott, Lisabeth/Elizabeth
Scott, Walter
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Margaret

McDonald, Donald

McDonald, Catherine
McDonald, Edith
McDonald, Francis
McDonald, Anna?

[unreadable], Mary

McPherson, Alex.

McPherson, [unreadable],

McPherson, Robert J.

McPherson, James 

McPherson, Catherine
McPherson, Jane
Bowman?, Wellington
Cowan, Walter
Cowan, Annie
Cowan, James
Cowan, Walter
McGeashy?, Catherine
McGeashy?, Margaret
Gregor, Charlie
Gregor, Laura
Gregor, Donalda
Gregor, Lincoln
Gregor, Gordon
McIntosh, William
McIntosh, Eliza
McIntosh, Clare
Irvine, Charles
Irvine, Annie M.
Irvine, Joseph D.
Irvine, Irene A.
Irvine, Helen ?
McAllister, Duncan
McAllister, Catherine
McAllister, Grace J.?
McAllister, Gordon A.?
[unreadable], James
[unreadable], Christina

[unreadable], Christina 

Wheeler, Delmar
Wheeler, Ella
Larder, James
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Page 8 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

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Wheeler, Vernon A.
Wheeler, Luella M.
Wheeler, Doris Irene
Wheeler, Eva Ilina
Cameron, Janet
McIntosh, Howard?
McIntosh, Christina
McIntosh, Kate
McCormack, Mary
McCormack, Maud
Patterson, Peter
Patterson, Lizzie
Patterson, James
Patterson, McLean P.
Patterson, Alex.
Patterson, Margaret J.
Neighbour, Michael
Neighbour, Maggie
Neighbour, John
Neighbour, George
Neighbour, Grella
Neighbour, Frieda
Long….?, Eustace?
Long….?, Elizabeth
Long….?, Donald
Long….?, Roslee
Pinkney, John
Pinkney, Jane
Pinkney, Albert
Pinkney, Jane
Paddock, Grace
Paddock, Fred?
Paddock, Nelson
Martin, John
Martin, Grace
Martin, Charles
Martin, Lilly
Martin, Donald
Martin, John Ross
McLean, Donald
McLean, Amy
McLean, Mary
McLean, James
McLean, Norman
Stewart, Margret B.
Stewart, William
Stewart, Joan

Rossell?, Fred?
Rossell?, Jane Ann
Rossell?, Jane

Page 9 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 27

Rossell?, Wilbert E.
Rossell?, Earnest
Rossell?, Anna 

Stewart, Angus
Stewart, Mary Ann
Stewart, Catherine Ann
Stewart, Margret E.
Stewart, Isabella J.
McLean, Charles
Paddock, William
Paddock, Janet
Paddock, George
Meuriland?, William

Meuriland?, Elizabeth

Morrow, Thomas

Gilchrist, John

Gilchrist, Eliza
Gilchrist, Thomas
Gilchrist, Charlotte
Gilchrist, Catherine

Gilchrist, Peter
Gilchrist, Margaret
Gilchrist, Davina

Cooper, Jacob
Cooper, Charlotte
French, Michael
Dickinson, James
Dickinson, Catherine
Dickinson, Ida
Dickinson, Mary
Dickinson, Donald?
Robertson, John
Robertson, Thomas
Robertson, Jessie
Robertson, Maggie
Robertson, Wilson

Province/Territory: Ontario District Name: Wellington South District Number: 134
Sub-district Name/Description: Puslinch
Sub-district Number: 28
Additional Information: certain pages of microfilm are of poor quality page 6 missing due to poor quality of the MF Reference: RG31, Statistics Canada  
11 pages

Transcribed by Susanne Metcalfe

Page 1 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28

Ferguson, Marsha
Ferguson, Bella
Ball, Harold
Ball, Margaret
Ball, William
Wilkman, Alex.
Burmaster, Robert
Burmaster, Alice
Burmaster, Rosina
Burmaster, Robert
Burmaster, Isabella
Burmaster, Sylvester
Burmaster, Mary
Burmaster, Percy
Hellyer, Mary
Mason, William
Mason, Harriet
Mason, Jennie
McIntosh, Donald
McIntosh, Mary
McIntosh, Mary
McIntosh, Corilie? [f]
McCormack, John
McCormack, Kate
McCormack, Ronald
McCormack, William
Bartles, Fred
Bartles, Sophia
McKeller, Archie
McKeller, Alvina
McKeller, Angus
McKeller, Gordon
McIntosh, William
McKeller, William
McCormack, Alex.
McCormack, Elizabeth
McCormack, Neil
McCormack, Mary
Cochrane, Archie
Cochrane, Mary
Cabronne, Mary
Milroy, David
Milroy, Helen
Milroy, Margaret A.
Milroy, William B.
Milroy, Bessie, E.
Reeve, Stanley
Currie, Mary
Currie, Lizzie
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Page 2 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28

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Moran, Sarah
Moran, Eve
Moran, Frank
Herman, Robert
Herman, Minnie
Herman, Roy
Herman, Myrtle
Herman, Henry
Herman, Minnie
Tovell, John
Tovell, Hannah
Tovell, Ralph
Dickie, Elizabeth
Chester, Richard
McGregor, Alex.
McGregor, Annie
McGregor, John
McGregor, Earl
Lang, Henry
Lang, Chrisa
Lang, Chas.
Lang, Arthur
Lang, Roy
Kinsella, Edward
Kinsella, Mary
Kinsella, Patrick
Kinsella, Annie
Gibbs, Annie
Gibbs, Nina
Foster, William
Foster, Catherine
Foster, John
Foster, Martin
Spreehan?, John
Spreehan?, Michael
Spreehan?, James
Spreehan?, Martin
Cantwell, James
Cantwell, Mary
Morefield, John
Cantwell, Michael
Neubeur?, Chas.
Neubeur?, Alex.
McCormack, Mary
Neubeur?, Sophia
Neubeur?, Christina
Fouth?, Frank
Evans, Robert
Buchanan, Jas.
Buchanan, Charlotte
Buchanan, Laura
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Page 3 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28

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Buchanan, Eva
Heather, Leonard
Evans, Smith
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Isabella
Aitkens, Andrew
Aitkens, Margaret
Aitkens, Thomas
Aitkens, Annie
Eberhardt?, William
Eberhardt?, Sophia
Eberhardt?, Henry
Smith, William
Smith, Mary
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Isabella
Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Annie
Lynch, Elizabeth
Lynch, George
Lynch, Catherine
Boechal, Adam
Boechal, Rose
Boechal, Frederick
Boechal, John
Boechal, Marguerite
Neubaum?, Banullen?
Moran, James
Moran, Mary
Moran, William
Barker, Mary
Barker, Agnes
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Annie
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Melva?
Lynch, Sadie
Lynch, Mary
Lynch, James
Hamilton, John
McPherson, Donald
McPherson, Christina
McPherson, Ida
McPherson, John
McPherson, Sarah
Parker, Robert
Parker, Margaret
Parker, Ada
Parker, Alice
Parker, David
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Page 4 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28


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Parker, Frederick
Phalen, James
Phalen, Elizabeth
Phalen, Francis
Pigot?, Margaret
McEllistrum?, Richard
McEllistrum?, Elizabeth
McEllistrum?, Edward
McEllistrum?, Thomas
Cober, Aaron
Cober, Alvira/Elvira
Cober, Frederick
Dobbie, Jack
Cober, Isaac
Cober, Russell
Cober, Eva
Dobbie, Archibald
Mayo?, Joseph
Mayo?, Annie
Dunky?, Philip
Reeve, Caleb
Reeve, Agnes
Reeve, Mary
Reeve, Robert
Fyfe, John
Fyfe, Hannah
Bradner, Patrick
Boucher, George
Boucher, Annie
Holm, Daniel
Holm, Annie
Holm, Walter
Holm, Agnes
Holm, Angelina
Holm, Elias
Holm, Sarah
McDuff, John
Kunsonhauser, Levi
Kunsonhauser, Catherine
Kunsonhauser, Lorne
Chester, Benjamin
Chester, Catherine
Chester, Benjamin
Chester, Eliza
Chester, Maria
Chester, Bertha
Brown, Charles
Chester, John
Chester, Louisa
Chester, Norman
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Page 5 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28


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Chester, James
Cober, Solomon
Cober, Elizabeth
Cober, Clara
Cober, Wesley
Cober, Eliza
Cober, John
Cober, Sarah
Cober, Albert
Cober, Ida
Cober, Isabella
Salt, John
Salt, Sirinda?
Salt, Gordon
Salt, Ellen
Salt, Sarah
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Annie
Evans, Lewis
Evans, Leonard
Evans, Nina
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Margaret
Evans, Calvian?
[Unreadable], William
Tremain, Michael
Tremain, Sarah
Tremain, Clifford
Shantz?, Edwin
Shantz?, Ida
Bechtel?, Aaron
Bechtel?, Irvine
Newstead, Benjamin
Newstead, Elizabeth
Craig, Earnest
Kruger, William
Kruger, Lucy
Halladay?, Ethel
Tremain, Wesley
Tremain, Bella
Tremain, Bertha
Tremain, Winnifred
Doyle, Michael
Doyle, Catherine
Doyle, Francis
Wilfong?, John
Wilfong?, Mary
Wilfong?, Gladys


Page 6 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28


Does not appear on the internet site due to poor quality of the MF

Page 7 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28


Priest?, Thomas
Priest?, Mary
Priest?, Grace
Cober, Oliver
Petro?, Burnett
Petro?, Gustavian
Luga?, Arpo
[unreadable], Arpo
Bruno, I. [m]
Bruno, Turo
Priest?, David
Priest?, Annie
Priest?, Elsie
Rife, …?
Rife, Mary
Cober, Wellington
Cober, Mary
Cober, Iola?
Cober, Rosanna
Elmhardt?, John
Elmhardt?, Sarah
Elmhardt?, Margaret
Barber, Hugh
Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Elen
Hergoll?, Anguss/Angus?
Hergoll?, Elizabeth
Hergoll?, Herbert
Hergoll?, George
Hergoll?, Olive
Hergoll?, Loretta
Hergoll?, Margaret
Hergoll?, Maria
Hergoll?, August
Hergoll?, Edith
Ross, John
Ross, Jennie
Ross, William
Chesters, Charlotte
Snyder, Henry
Snyder, Isabella
Snyder, Henry
Snyder, Florence
Snyder, Alex.
Snyder, Carl
Snyder, Gladys
Snyder, Ina
Snyder, Georgina
Ireland, William
Ireland, Elizabeth
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Page 8 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28


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Ireland, Everett
Ireland, Keith
Ireland, Olive
Ireland, William R.
Wingfield, George
Wingfield, Catherine
Devine, James
Devine, Christina
Devine, Christina
Devine, Eleanor?
Devine, James
Hamilton, William
Metcalf, George
Metcalf, Margaret
Metcalf, Stanley
Metcalf, Florence
Metcalf, Cal? [m]
Doyle, Thomas
Doyle, John
Doyle, Annie
Doyle, Ellen
Doyle, Leo
Sorby, Oswald
Sorby, Agnes
Sorby, Gertrude
Sorby, Walter
Sorby, Phillis
Sorby, Muriel
Hamilton, Annie
Duguid, Nellie
Duguid, William
Duguid, Alex.
Patterson, John
Duguid, William
Duguid, James A.
Duguid, Christene J.
Berry, Massey
Berry, Barbara
Kelly, Thomas
Cook, Lewis
Baker, Edward
Baker, Helen
Roberts, Mabel
Brandon, John
Hewitt, Richard
Hewitt, Mary
Hambridge, John
Hambridge, Phebe?
Hambridge, James
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Page 9 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28


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Hambridge, Earnest
Hambridge, Minnie
Hambridge, Isabella
McLaren, John
McLaren, Isabelle
McLaren, Mary
McLaren, Duncan [reversed]
McLaren, Thomas
McLaren, Angus
Aikens, William
Aikens, Carey
Aikens, Thomas
Aikens, James
Aikens, Ada M.
Paddock, Eliza A.
Palmer, George
Palmer, Birdie
Palmer, John
Palmer, Bertha
Porter, John
Crawley, Edward
Bryden, Peter
Bryden, Bessie
Barclay, James
Barclay, James
Barclay, Harriett
Barclay, Barbara
Barclay, Jessie
Barclay, Gilbert
Black, Neil
Black, Jessie M.
Black, Harold
Black, Lennie
Black, Elizabeth
Cockburn, Elizabeth
Porter, James
Porter, Andrew
Porter, Margaret
Golden, Elizabeth
Mollison, Frank
Mollison, Jean
Mollison, Robert L.
Mollison, Margaret
Mollison, Alice
Mollison, Beatrice
Mollison, Harry
Mollison, Fred
Crane, Alfred
Crane, Annie
Crane, May

Page 10 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28


Laird, George
Laird, Kate
Murray, Andrew
Harlan, Patrick
Laird, Richard
Laird, Maggie
Laird, Herbert
Murray, Margaret
Murray, James
Murray, Hugh
Murray, Margaret
Hanlon, John
Hanlon, Eliza
Hanlon, Catherine
Hanlon, James J.
Steffler, William
Fudy?, Caroline
Thomas, Richard
Hanlan, Patrick
Hanlan, Isabella
Hanlan, Catherine
Hanlan, Henry A.
Maitland, William C.
Doyle, James E.
Doyle, Sarah A.
Doyle, Harvey
Doyle, Irena
Doyle, James
Doyle, Joseph
Doyle, Josephine
Doyle, Marie
Doyle, Vernie

McAllister, Archibald
McAllister, John
McAllister, Florence
McAllister, Jessie
McAllister, Alex. 

Young, Martha
Barrett, Charles
Barrett, Mary
Barrett, Agnes
Barrett, Catherine
Pease?, unreadable [f]
Reeve, John
Reeve, Alice
Reeve, James
Reeve, Jane
Elliot, George
Elliot, Rosanne?
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Page 11 Puslinch Twp. Sub-Dist. # 28

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Elliot, James
Elliot, Alexander
Evans, Alfred
Evans, Margaret
Evans, Beatrice
Evans, Arthur
Evans, James
Evans, Kenneth
Evans, Robert
Little, John R.
Little, Martha
Little, Eliza
Little, Hannah
Pannabaker, Walter
Little, William
Little, Alice
Little, Eleanor
Little, Ruth
Myers, Ida
Palmer, Frank
Palmer, Mary
Little, Hally [f]
Carey, Alex.
Carey, Michael
Carey, Mary
Slater, Samuel
Slater, Isabella
Slater, Annie
Slater, William
McGill, George
McGill, Mary
McGill, Charles
McGill, Maggie
McGill, Percy
McGill, Edgar
McWilliams, Walter
McWilliams, Julia
McWilliams, Arnold
McWilliams, Margaret …?
McWilliams, Idelbert?
McWilliams, Mary M.
Crane, George
Jackson, Mary
Healey, Arthur
Black, Mary
Hewitt, Catherine
Hewitt, Margaret
Foster, Mary
Foster, James

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